The Salesforce Customer 360 platform can serve as a cornerstone in your business success journey. It has a portfolio of technology and services that continue to evolve. Within organizations, the needs of users, business processes, and data are also constantly changing. That is why it is very important to take a step back and periodically assess the health of your existing Salesforce ecosystem.

Do you know if your Salesforce implementation is evolving in alignment with the business and Salesforce platform capabilities?


Here are some questions that will help you determine if you need to assess the health of your existing Salesforce instance.

  • Is Salesforce not fully functional?

  • Is Salesforce not meeting your business needs or not helping with your business growth?

  • Has user adoption gone down significantly over time?

  • Is the Salesforce technical architecture too complex to maintain?

  • Do you need to review the business case and reevaluate the return on investment?

If you answered YES to any of the questions, you are in need of a health assessment. Smartbridge offers comprehensive assessment services to meet your business requirements.


A Smartbridge Salesforce assessment evaluates your Salesforce systems and processes and helps you develop a roadmap of opportunities to improve your Salesforce technology, processes, and team collaboration and achieve maximum return on your investment.

Our assessment generally includes the following components. It can be customized based on your needs and focus areas.

Review Your Business Process

We will work with project sponsors to understand the vision for Salesforce. Then we collaborate with all stakeholders to identify key areas of business related to Salesforce and understand the end-to-end process flow and key systems involved. This helps us plan all the systems and integrations to be reviewed during the technical audit.

Perform Technical Audit

We will review key Salesforce artifacts and system integrations and compare your technical implementation with Salesforce’s best practices. We will check for security/sharing standards, and technical debt and provide recommendations for remediation.

Identify Unused Salesforce Features

Salesforce rolls out 3 releases every year. We will research and shortlist opportunities for you to take advantage of the latest productivity-enhancing features of Salesforce.

Document & Recommend

We will document all the findings and opportunities to improve your current processes and systems. We provide an opportunity scorecard based on effort and business value. We review this improvement opportunity scorecard with key stakeholders and work together to build a high-level roadmap to implement the recommendations.

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The size and cost of an assessment vary based on the organization’s size and complexity. Specifically, the number of objects, users, processes and other code artifacts available in your organization can greatly impact the time it takes to complete a detailed assessment.