Salesforce is a cloud service, which means the software is constantly evolving. Within organizations, the needs of users, business processes, and data are also constantly changing. That is why it is very important to take a step back and periodically assess the health of your existing Salesforce ecosystem.

Do you know if your Salesforce implementation is evolving in alignment with the business and Salesforce platform capabilities?

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Here are some questions that will help you determine if you need to assess the health of your existing Salesforce instance.

  • Has the user adoption gone down significantly over time?

  • Do you have a lot of duplicate contacts and accounts that need constant data cleanup?

  • Are users noticing errors because processes time out or are hitting governor limits?

  • Are you not sure if all users have the right security setup?

  • Are you not sure how some of the new Salesforce features can help your organization?

If you answered yes to any of the questions, you are probably in need of a health assessment. Smartbridge offers three tiers of health assessment services to meet your business requirements.


  • Compare your organization’s security with Salesforce standards

  • Compare your system configuration with Salesforce standards

  • Identify risks with reaching system limits

  • Reports to measure user adoption

Time Frame: 2 days

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  • Everything covered in Basic

  • Review user security standards

  • Apex code quality and standards

  • Process builder & flow development standards

  • Identify integration opportunities

  • Lightning readiness check

Time Frame: 2 weeks

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  • Everything covered in Standard

  • Business process review for automation opportunities

  • Review data quality, identify deduplication and data cleanup opportunities

  • Analyze latest Salesforce features that could be leveraged

Time Frame: 3 weeks or more

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Surface level assessment of risk, performance, and adoption.

Best for: Small organizations with limited customization or larger organizations with heavy customization who want to get the lay of the land before taking up a detailed assessment.

The basic health assessment focuses on surface-level assessment of risk, performance and adoption. A certified Salesforce consultant will run the Salesforce Health Check tool to compare your organization’s security and system configuration with Salesforce’s standard baseline. We will also identify risks with reaching system limits and create reports to measure user adoption.

The power of Salesforce is no good if users do not use it consistently. The basic assessment provides insights into user adoption by offering detailed reports on licenses purchased vs actual usage, a list of inactive users, statistics, and insights on user activity.


Detailed review of all customizations to determine the amount of technical debt.

Best for: Mid to large organizations with many customizations.

Do you have a lot of technical debt accumulated over the years? In some situations, certain necessary work can be delayed in the rush of meeting deadlines. Just like monetary debt, technical debt can accumulate interest. Interest in this case is the increasing difficulty in implementing subsequent changes.  Smartbridge’s standard health assessment service focuses on your implementation and compares it with industry best practices. Our team of experts will start with a checklist to compare your system setup with Salesforce’s best practices in the following areas:

The standard health assessment includes a comparative report of your existing technical implementation with Salesforce’s best practices and a list of recommendations for remediation.

  • Standard/custom object schema – data storage, field, lookup limits

  • User security standards – role hierarchy, profiles

  • Apex code quality and standards

  • Process builder & flow development standards/documentation

  • Visual force page structure – opportunities to convert to lightening pages

  • Integration check – identify opportunities to enhance user experience by integrating with other systems & products you use

  • Lightning readiness – are you ready to make the switch to Salesforce’s new user experience?


Determine opportunities for modernization and data quality improvements in addition to a detailed review of all customizations.

Best for: Mid to large organizations with performance and data quality issues.

Do you have challenges with your implementation requiring frequent troubleshooting with process or data issues? Our health assessment service can be tailored to meet your needs depending on the problem area you want to attack first. Here are some of the areas we help our customers assess in their Salesforce organization:

The assessment report includes business process diagrams (if applicable), problem areas, and recommended project road map to remediate process, data, or any other issues identified during the health check.

  • Business Process Review
    Is your Salesforce Org designed to support current business processes? Are there opportunities to optimize your processes?

  • Data Integrity
    Is your data clean, deduplicated, and usable? Does your data need cleansing? Do you need additional automation or process changes to avoid data corruption? Do you have a proper data governance structure in place?

  • User Adoption
    Are there certain areas/features used more than the others? Are some of the users/territories completely avoiding Salesforce and creating data silos?

  • New Features
    Are you taking advantage of the latest productivity-enhancing features of Salesforce? Remember, there are 3 releases every year. It is not easy to stay on top of what’s new!

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The size and cost of a standard or advanced assessment vary based on the organization’s size and complexity. Specifically, the number of objects, users, processes and other code artifacts available in your organization can greatly impact the time it takes to complete a detailed assessment.