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Improve Your Lead to Cash Process Flow for Salesforce 

The ultimate end-to-end process flow for your customer engagement lifecycle

Effective management of your Salesforce Lead to Cash process starts here.

There are 6 key areas in a lead-to-cash process solution that are key to improving revenue growth and having a positive customer experience:

  • Marketing

  • Sales Process

  • Pricing & Quoting (CPQ)

  • Order Management
  • Customer Service

  • Revenue Management Integration and Reporting

Our certified experts deep-dive through each area in this 23-page eBook to provide insight, tips, and resources to implement a Salesforce lead-to-cash solution.

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Salesforce can handle your well thought out lead to cash process.

Optimizing your enterprise systems and business processes is a critical step to increasing productivity and profitability. Salesforce offers solutions to create an efficient, streamlined lead-to-cash process with features to support each sub-process and improve the customer experience.

Today many organizations are wanting an “all-in-one” solution when it comes to their business applications. When tech stacks do not integrate across internal departments, data silos are created which leads to process inefficiencies across the customer engagement lifecycle and potential loss of revenue. Lead-to-cash is an end-to-end, high-level business process that starts with marketing and includes sales process management, price and quoting, order management, customer service, and concludes with revenue collection.

For many organizations, this crucial process is overly manual, full of bottlenecks, and often generates bad data which leads to several challenges. For instance:

  • Sales losing visibility into marketing qualified leads

  • Pricing group manually generating quotes out of excel and then running them by finance

  • Poor visibility into future revenue

  • Slow handoff between sales and finance

lead to cash process ebook

Salesforce offers end-to-end solutions for these sub-processes to be executed efficiently across the customer engagement lifecycle. Additionally, it enables a frictionless process by providing the tools required to integrate Salesforce with other enterprise systems that are strategic to the lead-to-cash process.

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