Salesforce for the
Public Sector

Bringing Innovative and Efficient Tools to Government Agencies, Public Services and Institutions

Whether it’s responding to a crisis, managing cases, or just needing to be internally connected, Salesforce has solutions to transform your public sector processes all while staying compliant. Get a better understanding of your residents and customers so you can serve the public where they need it most.

Salesforce provides products and solutions for:

  • Employee Engagement Modernization

  • Case Management

  • Contact Center

  • Outreach Engagement

  • Relationship Management

  • Self-Service & Communities

  • App Development

  • Advanced Analytics

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Public Agencies and Services

Companies and agencies that provide public services, as well as institutions that provide public education, have been digitally evolving in their processes and in their role to consumers gradually over the years. Waiting for customer demand has shifted to forecasting customer demand. Connectedness between the community and those who serve it has become more important now than ever meaning the management of data and insights need to be as streamlined as possible.

Salesforce provides this with partner portals, apps, and workflows to facilitate collaboration amongst all teams. Sales have access to customer-centric data to get a 360 view of their customers and residents.

Increase in Customer Satisfaction with Salesforce
of the government IT budget will be spent on operating and maintaining existing IT investments, including aging systems
Source: GAO


Salesforce’s relationship management solution helps engage employees as well as care for customers and citizens. Employees have immediate access to the information and tools they need and are able to connect seamlessly with each other allowing for a smoother customer service experience. The ability to bring up previous data and interactions pertaining to particular cases can help government agencies and organizations manage cases in a more productive, efficient manner.

On top of that, departments can even streamline the process further by integrating robotic process automation (RPA) in Salesforce. This can reduce human errors, save time on data entry, and eliminate confusion among employees on whether certain data was inputted or managed correctly.

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