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The Software Bots Are Changing The Game.

RPA is already in use at large restaurants around the globe. These “software bots” are assisting HR, Finance, Operations and IT with repetitive, monotonous tasks. The ultimate pay-off is the ability to free up your workforce to focus on the challenges that only humans can solve.

Adoption of RPA will accelerate in the next 3-5 years

What can RPA do for restaurants?

Robotic Process Automation is a way to execute high-volume, rules-based, trigger-driven tasks. Software bots, or AI workers, focus on these processes so your workforce can be dedicated to work that is more meaningful and creative.

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Around 30% of restaurant operators mention their lack of infrastructure to support new technology (source) as being a significant roadblock to growth. However, RPA enhances legacy systems by acting as a glue to still achieve modern goals without soaring costs and disruption.

RPA for HR

  • Manage Pre-Employment Verification

  • Manage Benefits Administration

  • Manage Compliance

Watch the video on New Hire Provisioning

RPA for Operations

  • Inventory Auditing

  • Monitor Inventory Levels

  • Generate Management Reporting

Case Study on Inventory Auditing

RPA for Finance

  • Send A/R Statements

  • Reconciliations

  • Load Budgets

Watch the video on Intercompany Stock Transfer

RPA for Anywhere!

  • Generate Reports

  • Data Retrieval

  • Data Entry

  • Data Transfers

  • Web Scraping

  • Exception-Based Notifications

Watch the video on Customer Service Automation

Starting can be scary.
Introducing the Smartbridge RPA Proof-of-Concept!

The RPA proof-of-concept package will jump-start your RPA deployment. It includes POC automations for two processes and professionally produced videos of the POCs.

TERMS: The POCs can only be used in non-production and demo purposes, and are of medium complexity. UiPath Community Edition will be used to build the POC.
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