Transform IT Podcast Ep.15:
Are you Ready for the Bots?
GUEST: George Danner

In this episode, author and Business Laboratory President, George Danner joins us again for his insight on robotic process automation. 

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“Robotic Process Automation”

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By now, businesses in various industries are catching the buzz on robotic process automation (RPA). Integrating digital bots into an internal system to automate and oversee standard processes does more than free up time. Adopting this form of automation eliminates downtime, reduces G&A costs, and gives employees more time for innovative projects. Organizations at the front end of innovation want a piece of this technology, but many are still trying to figure out how to adopt and implement it.

George Danner has earned the reputation as a leader and subject matter expert in the space of innovation. You may also remember him from episode 4 of our podcast in 2017, where he discussed digital transformation. He has been a student of business for many years, experiencing decisions, processes and technological adoptions from a front row seat of many global organizations. His journey to further explore the inner workings of various businesses lead him to create his second novel, The Executive’s How-To Guide to Automation. Through many discussions with senior level leaders, he noticed a consistent trend in the desire and importance of adapting automation. Through the scope of RPA, George has developed an immense amount of knowledge and know-how on adopting this form of technology, and why it’s crucial for businesses to thrive.

Go disrupt yourself before you have the unpleasant opportunity to be disrupted out from underneath you.

George Danner, Business Laboratory President

Listen as George dives into robotic process automation in business.

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