Completing Your RPA Center of Excellence with Demand Management

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Process discovery, or process mining, is critical for a successful RPA Center of Excellence (CoE). But have you considered the full Demand Management Process?

When building a CoE, Smartbridge always recommends the creation of a Demand Management Playbook for companies with a future-state vision of hyperautomation.

In this instant download of “Completing Your RPA Center of Excellence with Demand Management”, you’ll learn about:

  • 6 Common Reasons RPA Programs Fail

  • Moving Beyond Discovery Process

  • The Demand Management Process

  • Building Out Your CoE

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Demand Management ebook

Close to 80% of automation opportunities are left undiscovered by the time the initial phase of a project is completed.

And even if automation opportunities are identified, 65% of efforts are still spent on process understanding before implementing the automation solution.

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