The Cloud 100 – Data, Analytics and RPA Shine in the Cloud

Forbes applauded 100 organizations winning big this year at being private cloud companies. The list of vendors contains digital transformation solutions that Smartbridge places at the top of our list.

As Forbes does, they have released another annual ranking of businesses, this time for the best private cloud companies. For five years, Forbes has put out the Cloud 100, based on growth, sales, valuation and culture.

Their annual rankings of leading technologies are typically shared by the applauded vendors that earned the high honor. But many on this list aren’t thought of first and foremost as a private cloud company, and cloud computing may not get the eyeballs that a Magic Quadrant or Forrester Wave leader does. Yet, as businesses lift and shift their legacy and on-prem systems to the cloud, these vendors’ ability to deliver within their respective industries is driven by their cloud model.

Let’s take a look at the solutions that made the list, focusing on those Smartbridge rely on to digitally transform businesses.

Data & Analytics

While there are plenty of industries represented in this list, such as collaboration tools and payroll software, it’s these that truly harness the power of data to unlock the potential of all other tools. There is a strong prevalence of data platforms, data management, data analytics, and data intelligence in this list.

#1 in the ranking, Snowflake is seen by Salesforce Ventures as the “foundational component of digital transformation 2.0”.

We tend to agree, and in fact feature them in our own agile analytics reference architecture. When clients are modernizing their data warehousing, Snowflake is an appealing option when flexibility and scalability is critical but administration requirements need to stay minimal.

Snowflake partner
Cloud-based data warehousing
databricks partner
Unified data analytics platform

#5 on the list (and also #77 on their list for Best Startup Employers), Databricks is a relative newcomer in the age-old game of data analytics. However it takes companies like them to shake up the industry and infuse state-of-the-art machine learning frameworks into data processing. In our Journey to Cloud Analytics eBook, we feature Databricks as a game-changer in ETL, data preparation, data engineering and data science.

Robotic Process Automation

So why is it so important to recognize Robotic Process Automation software on the cloud? RPA by definition is intended to be an accessible solution meant to bridge the gap between antiquated systems and modern, innovative automation. When RPA can be configured and controlled by web-based, self-service platforms, infrastructure management and total cost of ownership lessens, and the ROI for using bots to do what a FTE once did is much more real.

#3 on the list, UiPath has seen tremendous adoption of their software to free human workers from tedious, repetitive tasks and processes.

UiPath partner

Honorable Mention

Not to be overlooked is Salesforce, who’s investment arm, Salesforce Ventures, is a co-producer of this list. And if you’ve been in your career since the early 2000’s, you’ll remember how Salesforce shook up the CRM world with their concept of moving to the cloud. Now Salesforce Ventures and their Customer 360 platform is driving digital transformation by reinforcing the notion of extracting value from your existing apps by bringing them all together.

Salesforce is the true #1 on the list.

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Salesforce partner

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