Restaurant Analytics Case Study
– Chipotle’s Mobile Business Intelligence with MicroStrategy

Chipotle is one of the most well know food service establishments around the globe, and must maintain a meticulously efficient business intelligence practice. In this restaurant analytics case study, we examine the impact Smartbridge and MicroStrategy had on Chipotle’s mobile business intelligence efforts.

Bringing Mobility to a Food Service Giant

As a MicroStrategy implementation partner and reseller, we provide enterprise information strategy, architecture, and solutions to drive business value. We aim to help clients transform into mature data-driven organizations by eliminating data silos, implementing effective data management strategies, advanced analytics, and mobile intelligence. An industry where this effort has had an especially large impact is the food service industry.

Smartbridge is a MicroStrategy Partner

Founded in 1993, Chipotle is a well-known, globally recognized restaurant brand with over 2,500 locations worldwide. They craft their food with integrity, using meat without antibiotics and organic grown vegetables.

Upon MicroStrategy’s prior engagement with Chipotle, their financial department ran their analytics and business intelligence efforts for the entire organization. They sought to move to a more enterprise size platform for business intelligence purposes, and required a consulting partner with expertise in the food service industry. Alongside MicroStrategy, Smartbridge was introduced to work with Chipotle directly to define a business case, in order to justify an enterprise level platform.

restaurant analytics case study

A number of office employees were then interviewed to gain more clarity on the corporate function of Chipotle, with the focus of narrowing down the pain-points in the organization. Some departments that were engaged were finance, HR, operations, supply chain, and marketing.

We’ve been simplifying business transformation for QSRs, fast casuals and full-service food service giants since 2003.

The Chipotle Mobile App Solution

An overwhelming amount of information in the restaurant reporting process was hindering the company, which was a primary focus of alleviation. Chipotle also wanted to have more information gathered on key issues in their restaurant chains like overtime, waste, enhancing operational speed, and overall performance.

Upon a thorough analyzation of the pain-points, and values opportunities in the business, Smartbridge helped define the need for an enterprise level platform, while also adding a mobility concept to the mix of solutions. The next step was developing a Proof of Concept for a mobile solution. Focus was placed on analyzing marketing promotions, inputting field forecasted data, and profit/loss statements to develop the end product.

restaurant analytics case study
restaurant analytics case study

Chipotle currently had a ‘throughput’ report set in place to help them augment and optimize their staffing model to analyze performance during peak hours, and gauge how staff needed to be organized. Smartbridge very quickly put this into a mobile application powered by MicroStrategy to give a graphical and analytical description of the workflow, taking place of the complex spreadsheet currently in use.

Organizational Impact

Chipotle was compelled with the visualization of a mobile application, and how quickly the development process progressed. Once the POC was approved, a complete mobile solution was underway for the Chipotle organization. Analyzing the results shared today, the mobile solution has been very convenient for Chipotle thus far, especially for above-store management staff. Some critical areas where the mobile solution made an impact are:

  • Convenience: Chipotle was now able to diagnose issues on the road, no matter how many locations required support.

  • Communication: Sending of multimedia and any other comments via email was accessible through the app.

  • Speed: Individual restaurant or regional performance could now be evaluated within seconds via MicroStrategy support.

  • Self-Sufficient: A variety of processes could now be automated, and personnel could now assess themselves.

restaurant analytics case study
restaurant analytics case study

The workflow involved significantly expediting the analyzation of the inner workings of each branch, identifying problem areas a store might have in its everyday operations, and enhancing overall communications between management and staff. Today, Chipotle’s analytical efforts continue to have a positive impact on the global organization’s operations, communication, and efficiency.

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