A Restaurant Group’s Journey of Building an Enterprise Wide BI Program

The Smartbridge team was able to implement much of the data foundation, while standardizing and automating several key operational reporting areas.

The Client

Our client, a popular institution in the food service industry, owns, operates and franchises two well known restaurant brands. These organizations specialize in the operation of fast casual restaurants, each offering distinct and unique flavors with broad appeal at a compelling value. These restaurant chains practice fresh-made cooking, drive-thru service and catering.

EMPLOYEES: 10,000+
INDUSTRY: Restaurants

Key Challenges for Developing an Enterprise Wide BI Program

Due to our clients dynamic nature of operations, but small IT structure, building a more efficient BI program proved challenging.

1. Challenges Across People, Process and Technology

The client was experiencing significant challenges across people, process and technological categories related to data management and analytics. Our clients IT organization was small, with limited bandwidth and skills to implement solutions needed for business demand.

2.  Disparate Data Sources, Tools and Processes

Manual processes executed through tribal knowledge, lack of governance and standardization were impediments. Further, disparate data sources and tools were causing issues with users, developers and administrators.

Smartbridge has extensive experience in restaurant technology innovation

The Solution

  • Addressing the Needs of an Entire Enterprise

Smartbridge wanted to ensure a program was put in place to address the various needs of the entire enterprise. This proved challenging due to the dynamic structure of our client’s organization.

  • Reporting and Analytical Feedback

Smartbridge conducted an assessment involving stakeholders from all major functional departments, such as operations, marketing and finance. Reporting & analytical feedback by each group was a key focus in the development stages of the project.


Smartbridge identified and executed a list of initiatives required to fulfill our client’s vision. The Smartbridge team was able to implement much of the data foundation while standardizing and automating several key operational reporting areas.

Enablement of new reporting and analytics that were not possible in the past, or required a lot of manual work were now possible. Smartbridge also enabled analysts and power users to perform self-service analytics by providing access via MicroStrategy to key data domains. Further, Smartbridge piloted a Microstrategy Mobile application that changed the way operators run the restaurants.

By operating in accordance with our core values, and close relationship with our client, both parties achieved desired, longstanding success through efficient BI & Analytical implementation.

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