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Public Sector Services

Texas state and local government entities and officials are transforming themselves in how they serve our citizens every day. Technology is driving innovation in government services in the way the next generation of millennials expect. 

Smartbridge offers services for 8 of the 9 technology service categories under contract with DIR.

(Smartbridge Contract DIR-SDD-2152)


Deliverables Based IT Services (DBITS)

The Texas Department of Information Resources (Texas DIR) offers Deliverables-Based IT Services (DBITS) to Texas governmental and public educational entities through DIR’s Cooperative (Co-op) Contracts program.

DIR Cooperative Contracts Program:
The Cooperative Contracts program allows customers to purchase items directly from a DIR-contracted vendor. Customers contact the vendor for product and pricing information and then send their purchase orders, with the DIR contract number, and payments directly to the vendor, not to DIR. This streamlines the order process so customers receive their products/services quickly.

Texas DIR
DIR Contract Number:

For Quotes, Purchase Orders and Warranty Information:

Sri Raju, CEO
+1 713.360.2500

Ali Abramson, Sales
+1 713.360.2547

Technology Categories Awarded

Smartbridge is authorized to provide Texas DIR customers with services in the following categories:

  • Information Technology Assessments and Planning
    Services include: IT assessments, including enterprise architecture; IT strategic planning, sourcing, and procurement support; independent verification and validation and quality assurance; IT cost optimization; IT organization, staff, and other critical staff knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) assessments; disaster recovery, business continuity, and enterprise risk management; ITIL, COBIT, PMBOK and CMMI assessments and planning; change management solutions; business process mapping and improvement solutions; use case development services; business case development; alternative analysis and feasibility studies; system requirement specification services, RFP development services, and provider evaluation, selection and transition solutions.
  • Project Management
    Services include: Critical program and project management services; project assessments, including performance and progress assessments; project governance services; project management services per the Project Management Institute as published in Table 3-45 of the PMBOK® Guide, Third Edition or most recent.
  • Application Development
    Services include: Development of new applications (server, network-based, web-based, mobile-based, cloud-based or a combination), researching; analyzing; gathering requirements; designing; programming; testing; documenting and implementing.
  • Application Maintenance and Support
    Services include: Research, analysis, design, programming, testing, documenting and implementing maintenance changes; correcting software errors; modifying reports and ensuring accurate report runs; making modifications to the applications and documentation; writing ad hoc queries; loading and applying changes to the software language and/or database in which the application is written; providing corrections for production or any changes needed and participation in disaster recovery testing, planning and documentation.
  • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
    Services include: Technical and information architecture planning and assessments; SOA evaluations and strategies; requirements development; proofs of concept; implementation strategy and planning; deployment support; portfolio assessment and planning services; system software evaluation and selection and transition management support, and training support.
  • Technology Upgrade/Migration and Transformation
    Services include: Application portfolio assessments; development of technology roadmaps; technology transformation and modernization planning and oversight services; ROI formulation and evaluation; technology transformation services; Infrastructure and technology benchmarks; strategic life cycle solutions for systems analysis, requirements development, proof of concept, deployment, implementation, integration, remediation, data migration, documentation; application programming and support services, including training support.
  • Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V)
    Services include: Project monitoring, quality assurance, independent and objective risk assessment and management, and oversight of a vendor’s design, development, implementation, integration or outsourcing services; independent verification and validation during a software development lifecycle to ensure traceability with requirements and completeness and accuracy of a vendor’s design, development and implementation activities and deliverables; application architecture reviews and analysis.


How to Order

The customer must complete a Statement of Work (SOW) which must be in the form contained in Appendix C.

  • Appendix C, Statement of Work (SOW) – PDF (56 KB)
  • Use the Statement of Work template and include the minimum suggested items.
  • The customer should negotiate pricing of deliverables directly with vendor.
  • The customer and vendor(s) may work together to improve the SOW.
  • The customer may negotiate the terms and conditions of a SOW to suit their business needs, so long as the SOW terms and conditions do not conflict with or weaken the terms of the contract.
  • The vendor may only provide services in awarded Technology Categories.
  • In order to be awarded a Purchase Order hereunder, the vendor must respond, in writing, to a SOW for services as issued by customers, consistent with the Terms and Conditions of the contract.
  • The vendor may begin work ONLY after receiving:
    1) a SOW signed by authorized representatives of both the customer and the vendor
    2) a Purchase Order is provided by the customer
  • The value of any one SOW may not exceed $10 million including all extensions, renewals and change orders.
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