People Analytics Dashboard Solution for a QSR Franchise

One of the biggest challenges that has emerged over the past year for businesses is how to address labor shortages. Companies are finding it increasingly difficult to attract and retain talented employees. These issues have hit the restaurant industry especially hard, and it’s leading to companies having to rethink solutions for hiring and staffing. That’s why a lot of organizations are turning to people analytics to provide visibility into hiring and retention to help identify underlying problems.

Smartbridge was contacted by a client of ours who was looking for assistance revamping their people analytics with new metrics to help them address these exact issues.

Our client is a large quick-service restaurant franchise with over 750 locations across the southeastern US. They specialize in serving high-quality food made from their own southern recipes.

EMPLOYEES: 10,000+
INDUSTRY: Food Service / Restaurants

Key Challenges and Issues

The client had already identified the new metrics and data subject areas they wanted to include in their People Analytics Dashboard, but there were a couple challenges that hindered them from moving forward.

  • Their internal team didn’t have the bandwidth to implement these changes to the dashboard themselves.

  • They needed the solution completed on a quick timeline.

Smartbridge has extensive experience in data & analytics

The Smartbridge Solution

This was a high-priority task that was greatly anticipated by the business, so agility was of extreme importance. The initial phase of the project was to design a handful of tables/views in their enterprise data warehouse to accommodate new data feeds from 3rd party sources. The design and development time was relatively quick, but it was a crucial part of the project for our client. Bringing in these 3rd party sources helped provide supplemental data that assisted in answering questions about the hiring and staffing process that weren’t answered before.

MicroStrategy Partner

Smartbridge is a MicroStrategy Partner

The second portion of the project focused on building the new and improved People Analytics Dashboard in MicroStrategy. There was an existing People Analytics Dashboard that focused on some of the same subject areas and metrics as the new dashboard did, but for the most part, we were going to be building the new version from scratch. This dashboard contained multiple pages to focus on different subject areas within hiring and staffing and included various metrics to track how each store and region were performing. We worked closely with our client to design the metrics to ensure they added value to the end-user.

people analytics dashboard

Success Through a Smooth Implementation

To wrap up the project, we pushed the dashboard into production and integrated it into their existing, operation’s mobile app. The go-live process went smoothly and without any issues, but our review with the stakeholders was the most exciting part of the process. During the review, it was clear they were thrilled with the dashboards and were eager to get them into the hands of their users.

This entire project highlights the importance of supporting business analytics initiatives with agile development. Change occurs quickly in our world now, and it’s crucial that IT departments can help various business functions adapt to these changes. New technology is making it easier to adapt quickly, but agility also requires a team culture that’s willing to move quickly.

On this project, we were able to work with a client that was ready to move fast and adapt to change, which generated more value for the business. We’re excited for future projects with this client and others that are looking to improve their analytics practices.

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