Contacts360 brings your employee directory to mobile devices

Simple solutions can be most profound for an enterprise workforce improving their organizational efficiency. That’s why Smartbridge has developed Contacts360, an address book mobile app and solution accelerator.

Many mobile apps in the market manage address books and contacts. What’s so special about this one? This Smartbridge app works as your employee directory, gathering all employee data by connecting to your system.

How do we do that? Our app fully integrates with your active directory, ERP system or HCM system, and pulls the employee contact data directly into the mobile device. After downloading and completing a few simple configuration steps, users authenticate with back-end system credentials. The app uses robust authentication methods to ensure the security of employee data and access to the back-end systems.

Your  employees can search for other employees by name or by department in an instant. Employees can communicate with each other via phone call, email or text straight from the app. Application can be configured to pull employees by organizational unit or business unit.

Contacts360 works elegantly with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1 and 9.2. If you’re curious about the JDE integration, or any other ERP or HCM integrations, please reach out to us for a demo.

Contacts Address book mobile app

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