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Application Modernization


Does your application look like it was developed ages ago? Has your business outgrown the capabilities of your application? Is the platform it’s running on no longer supported by your organization’s IT? These are signs that application modernization is needed for your project. 

Application modernization encompasses the migration of legacy hardware/software to new applications or platforms, integrating a new functionality and feel to the overall business application.

Smartbridge will work with your organization’s subject matter experts to review the processes and capabilities of your application. We’ll then take those requirements and propose how we can transform your ancient application into a fresh and robust modern platform. Here are some benefits of application modernization:

Remove dependence on old infrastructure and technologies that are no longer supported

Take advantage of mobile devices through a mobile-first application design

Utilize the power of cloud services to host and manage your modernized application

Stay in compliance with your IT strategy while removing legacy hardware and software

Improve your application’s capabilities by adding new integrations and analytics

Evaluate and streamline your repetitive business processes through automation technology


Mobile-First Design

  • Many legacy applications don’t fit well in today’s work environments, often lacking the modern look and feel of current mobile apps. Application modernization can get your applications functioning on smartphones and tablets through a fresh look and feel.

Implement DevOps

  • Smartbridge utilizes Azure DevOps for its robust set of tools for managing your applications software development life cycle (SDLC). Plan and track your features and requests in the same place you’re managing development sprints, then test your application through “Test Plans”. With Pipelines, you can compile and deploy your applications to the cloud with just a click.

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Application modernization
Application modernization


Take advantage of the cloud’s capabilities by moving your applications there.


After updating your apps, use the cloud to host them and their services in “Cloud Compute”.


Next, move from your legacy databases to high-performance cloud databases.


Finally, make your app available 24/7 by ensuring it’s on a high-availability/scalable architecture.

Smartbridge supports services from multiple providers. We’ll find the ones you need that meet your budget and resource requirements.

Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Power Apps


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Application modernization
Application modernization

Introduce Automation

  • As you architect your application, there are always areas that can be improved. The manual processes related to the application can be streamlined and automated as part of the modernization, making it more robust and user-friendly.

Update Technologies

  • Often, legacy applications will get left behind in terms of system and security upgrades. These applications eventually fall out of compliance with IT, rendering a security and maintenance nightmare! Upgrade your application to keep up with the supported technologies within your organization.

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