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Throughout this impactful year of digital innovation and new technology solutions, Smartbridge has been on the forefront of producing high-level content regarding these happenings. Here’s a list of our most popular blog posts from the Smartbridge blog!

Most Popular Blog Posts

To say the least, 2019 has definitely been an impactful and insightful year for us at Smartbridge. As the world of technology continues to drive the pace of various business processes, our consultants are all but slowing down.

This year, we’re thankful to welcome many new additions to the Smartbridge family, many of whom have helped us maintain our strong content presence by providing various levels of subject matter expertise.

Altogether, these contributions have kept us on the forefront of technology trends in 2019, and how they’ve impacted today’s business environment. Here are some of the top-performing and most read blog posts that we published this year, and links to each of their pieces!

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1. Modern Data Integration in Cloud – Azure Data Factory for Snowflake

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As more organizations move toward modernizing their data warehouse, many applications and services have taken part in helping facilitate this digital transformation. We cover how Azure Data Factory can be used to load data from on-premises databases into Snowflake.

2. Starting Your RPA Center of Excellence

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been a trending technology in 2019, and a major success driver for modernizing enterprises. An RPA Center of Excellence (CoE) helps embed automation effectively into an organization, and redistribute accumulated knowledge across various business units. We explain why developing a CoE is crucial for operational success.

3. Market Basket Analysis 101: Anticipating Customer Behavior

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In the business intelligence world, “market basket analysis” helps retailers better understand (and ultimately serve) their users by predicting their purchasing behaviors. In this blog post, we explained how market basket analysis works and what it takes to deploy a market analysis project.

4. A Journey Into Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, a business can automate processes that assist with attracting new customers, and engage with existing customers in a personalized manner. In this article, we detailed the recommended approach for building a journey through Salesforce Marketing Cloud automated emails.

5. Demystifying RPA and JD Edwards Orchestrator

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JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Orchestrator is an integration and workflow engine that automates your JDE business processes, data collection and analysis, and integration to 3rd party systems, streamlining your JDE instance towards automation. As technologies like RPA continue to make an impact on businesses, it’s important to know when to use RPA and/or Orchestrator, and instances to apply both to a process.

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