Transform IT Podcast Ep.22
Enhancing the Customer’s Digital Journey in Food Service

In this episode, hosts Patrick Pahls and Miraj Jiwani are joined by Hospitality Marketing Consultant and social influencer, David “Rev” Ciancio , to discuss the value of enhancing the digital journey in food service.

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Enhancing the Customer Journey in the Restaurant Industry

Among the various industries impacted by digital transformation, food service (and the restaurant industry alike) has experienced perhaps the most dramatic shift pertaining to the dynamic journey of the customer. From social influencing, streamlined services and advertising channels, food service establishments are beginning to amplify the customer experience through digitally transforming their operations and business structure.

Recognizing how to appeal, generate, and nurture customer leads is perhaps the most impacted channel within food service establishments. Further, ensuring that the customer journey encompasses various digital touch points to appeal to unique senses is crucial. In the competitive cycle to stay relevant and retain a loyal customer base, only the strong (and digitally savvy) survive.

digital journey in food service

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David “Rev” Ciancio – Yeah Management! Marketing Consultant, social influencer, and longtime food enthusiast has operated in this realm for over 25 years, gaining significant experience in the customer journey/experience in the food service industry. We joined Rev for an in-depth discussion on the ins and outs, dos and dont’s, and critical need to knows pertaining to the customer’s digital journey in food service.

“The restaurant journey and business model was built on an offline experience. The customer journey itself starts online and ends online with the exception of actually eating at the establishment. Restaurants MUST match this digital demand through their practices.”

David “Rev” Ciancio, Yeah! Management Marketing Consultant

Listen as Rev discusses the value of enhancing and transforming digital practices within food service establishments.

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