Smartbridge State of the Company – Digital Transformation in 2021

In a livestream event, our CEO Sri Raju details how Smartbridge was impacted during the COVID-19 pandemic, how we bounced back, and where we’re headed going into 2021

The impact of COVID-19 was felt globally within various facets of the business realm, and Smartbridge was no exception. However, the pandemic also sparked a new and digitized normal in business, which has propelled many organizations to explore digital transformation in 2021.

In a recent livestream, our CEO and Founder Sri Raju discussed some of the most prominent pain points Smartbridge experienced during the pandemic, what we learned in the process, and how we helped our clients achieve digital transformation within their organization. Further, Sri details some of the emerging technologies we’ve experienced heading into 2021, and how organizations need to be on the forefront of these moving forward.

Diving into the Smartbridge State of the Company 2021!

Listen as our host and Business Development Representative, Cory Shreffler, dives into all things Smartbridge with CEO, Sri Raju!

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Question Transcript

  • What was the state of Smartbridge pre-COVID?
  • What is the state of digital transformation in 2021?
  • What’s the outlook for Smartbridge heading into the new year?
  • What services do you see Smartbridge expanding on?
  • What advice would you offer to business owners and job seekers who have been impacted by the pandemic?

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