Recruiting RPA – Guidance for Job Hunters & Businesses

In a recent livestream, our Smartbridge recruiter and RPA consultants discussed the key details job seekers in this field need to know, what we look for in RPA candidates, and how businesses should focus their recruitment efforts to strengthen their automation initiatives.

Robotic process automation continues to take businesses by storm at various levels and department functions. Further, the call to action to gain practical knowledge and know-how in this space is thriving among businesses and job seekers alike. As the organizational impact of this technology grows, recruiting RPA personnel to champion your automation initiatives is crucial for operational success.

A team of RPA champions, or more accurately a Center of Excellence, is a living and breathing entity that is constantly evolving. For businesses that have already implemented RPA into their processes, importance is placed on keeping up with scaled capabilities of RPA, and ensuring their personnel are properly trained to adapt to technological changes.

For those in the early stages of RPA implementation, knowing what to look for in candidates is one of the most make-or-break decisions that can impact an RPA team. These candidates range from developers, analysts, and infrastructure staff, all the way to C-Level executives and decision makers. In this sense, recruiters need to be aware of the right characteristics to look out for specifically.

Recruiting RPA Candidates for Organizational Success

Listen as our host and in-house recruiter, Cheryl Pounders, discusses popular topics surrounding RPA and recruiting with Smartbridge consultants Tomas Garcia and Raul Pena.

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Question Transcript

  • What exactly is robotic process automation?
  • Since COVID-19, how have we seen RPA needs in the market change?

  • Can anyone be an RPA developer? What basics does one need to know?
  • What does Smartbridge look for in RPA developers and consultants?
  • What is Smartbridge’s process to recruit and hire RPA developers?

RPA Consulting Services Through Strategic Partnership

Our team of RPA experts are backed by years of experience implementing robotic process automation into the processes of enterprise level organizations. Through our strategic partnerships with UiPath and Microsoft Power Automate, our specialists will lead you through your RPA journey to create a future-state automation start to finish strategy/road map.

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