Smartbridge Partners With Clients to Donate Meals for Hospital Workers

Partnering With Food-Service Clients to Support Houston Hospitals

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Smartbridge are providing support to Houston hospitals to ensure the city and its surrounding areas don’t become the next hotbed for the virus.

Through our support to these facilities and their staff, Smartbridge has partnered with multiple Houston-based food-service clients to donate meals to hospitals in the city. Support to our valued clients and community healthcare workers remains a primary focus during the global pandemic. Here are the clients catering to major hospitals in the Houston area:

support houston hospitals
support houston hospitals
support houston hospitals
support houston hospitals

Houston has been Smartbridge’s home-base since our founding in 2003, offering a sense of community we’re proud to support. As Smartbridge staff work from home, we continue to seek additional ways to flatten the Coronavirus curve in our neighborhood. Friends and family members of Smartbridge are connected to front-line professionals serving in Houston hospitals, including the daughter of our CEO who is currently staffed in the ICU of a major medical facility.

Smartbridge is offering immediate services to combat the business challenges present in multiple industries.

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