Smartbridge Joins the UiPath Services Network (USN) Program

As a UiPath Silver Partner, Smartbridge has now been recognized within the ranks of the UiPath Services Network (USN).

Today, Smartbridge announced its acceptance into the UiPath Services Network (USN) program, an elite coalition of RPA service partners equipped and accredited with advanced delivery skills on par with UiPath professional standards.

As a leading RPA technology provider, UiPath strives to enhance its business partner program to globally equip organizations with the tools necessary to harness hyperautomation. Through the USN, UiPath is continuously offering new training, certification and marketing programs to these select partners, which enables them to establish a unique presence in the RPA market for themselves.

Why work with USN partners?

Of the 180 USN partners operating across the globe, only 20 of these are based in the United States. Each organization in the USN has obtained company-level certification to designate them as a UiPath Professional Service provider. Meaning, each USN member has underwent strict qualifying standards to designate them as a high-tier UiPath service provider in the realm of RPA.

As required to become a USN partner, Smartbridge offers a wide range of skill sets, and can provide best-practice references to customers, and deliver automation solutions that encompass RPA at scale. This designation also entrusts USN partners to provide comprehensive training to businesses seeking further guidance in their RPA journeys. Smartbridge is extremely honored to be among these ranking organizations, and aims to extend our RPA services to businesses operating within and beyond the Houston area.

“The UiPath Services Network program has allowed us to take our partnership and RPA service offerings to the next level. A great deal of trust and standard is encompassed in this alliance, and we don’t take that lightly. We’ll continue to deliver value in our implementation services, training programs and consulting expertise through the trusted lens of USN.”

Sanat Nileshwar: Smartbridge RPA Practice Director

RPA reduces barrier to entry in the next normal

Digital transformation has been re-defined by the COVID-19 crisis. Businesses operating in 2020 must rise to the challenge of filling gaps created by a reduced workforce, and address customer expectations though digitization.

Robotic process automation has been largely recognized as one such transformative digital investment that is recession-proof. However, companies may still feel hesitant about investing in RPA during an economic crisis.

A partnership for success

With the UiPath Partner Program, Smartbridge aims to help our customers integrate their technology solutions and business processes with UiPath RPA technology. Smartbridge will extract significant additional value in enterprise processes, and enable entirely new levels of productivity through automation. To enhance your UiPath implementation, we provide the following:

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