Everything is faster in Salesforce Lightning. Salesforce’s modern platform enhances the core services of sales, service, & specialty clouds. It provides the ability to quickly create applications that fit every department in your company’s needs.

Companies that have moved from Classic to Lightning have seen an increase in adoption, effectiveness, and have access to consistent updates to the platform. Companies on the Lightning platform also have access to be extremely agile in developing custom Lightning applications.

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There are many factors that can affect your Lightning migration. We ensure that your user interfaces are designed using intelligent layouts and logic driven, responsive components. We will also verify that any existing applications, third party products, or custom code you’ve integrated into your Salesforce platform work in Lightning.

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Smartbridge will work with you to build a strategy around converting and adopting the Lightning platform. Whether you are starting with a brand-new Salesforce organization or are migrating from Salesforce Classic, we cater our approach to transform your existing business processes into a modern Lightning experience that takes advantage of all of the platform’s capabilities.


The Lightning Component Framework allows developers to build streamlined, modular components that can be used to build mini applications within your Lightning pages, or completely custom applications that solve your business needs. With three releases a year, your development tool kit is constantly enhanced to allow your Lightning components to scale and keep up with your business’ needs.


Change can be hard. We will work with your stakeholders and user groups to show them the power of Lightning in order to solidify adoption by building an experience suited to them. With Lightning, you have the capability to build a modern platform more in line with today’s latest technologies. Take advantage of in-app guidance to ease into the change management process. Built-in Lightning migration assistants and adoption reports will help you along on your adoption journey.


Lightning’s modular UI and customizable look and feel along with the ability to build powerful Lightning components that embed into any page make it extremely easy to cater a personal experience to each user. Have the power of personalized reports and dashboards at your fingertips and keep your sales team productive.

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