Salesforce Partner for Construction

Creating Connected and Productive Business Processes in the Engineering and Construction Industry

Salesforce not only digitizes construction businesses, but it also brings the customer to the forefront of operations. Often, construction companies use written documentation or spreadsheets passed along through email but these are prone to get lost, there’s no centralization, and it creates a lack of visibility for those that need it.

Implementing a platform like Salesforce can:

  • Centralize data

  • Accelerate productivity from initial bid to project completion

  • Improve visibility and insights

  • Scale with ease

Smartbridge Salesforce certified experts are backed by decades of experience implementing and maintaining core enterprise systems. With our deep expertise in custom application and integration development, Smartbridge is uniquely positioned to help customers with complex CRM implementations.

Construction companies that embrace digitization, new materials, and advanced automation increase overall productivity by 50 – 60%


Effective Pipeline Management

A good CRM system gives you increased visibility into the sales pipeline enabling you to quickly see where prospective customers are in the sales cycle. The visual overview provided by Salesforce makes it easy for you to see which deals have a better chance of success and which deals are likely to collapse.

Streamlining Bid Management

If you aren’t already, you may wish to incorporate specific construction project data related to your sales opportunities. Salesforce can be configured to track bidding information on viable projects, such as opportunity name, bid dates, contract value, construction type, sales stage, and market segment.

End-to-End Project Management

From juggling collaboration between contractors, architects, and investors to streamlining document management, Salesforce can assist in all aspects of project management. Centralize all your information in an intelligent platform that can even automate repetitive project processes.

Download the Salesforce Maintenance E-Book for Construction

In times of economic downturn, maintaining business-critical systems can be a target for cost-cutting measures, especially when the perception is that a full-time resource isn’t necessary.

Here are some possible reasons your Salesforce system may be vulnerable to neglect:

  • Reduction in force or furlough

  • Reassigning trained Salesforce staff for new and immediate needs

  • Cutting budget means cutting or reducing partner contracts

  • Expiring partner contracts that for various reasons may not get renewed

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