Streamlined Field Service with Salesforce & ServiceMax


A Smartbridge customer has earned its reputation as a premier provider of industrial equipment and services, catering to various industries across the Southwest United States. Their expertise lies in delivering top-quality pump installations, lift trucks, and materials handling solutions.

INDUSTRY: Industrial Solutions & Equipment Rental

Key Challenges

As this customer continued to expand their service offerings and customer base, the need for a more streamlined and efficient service management system became apparent.

The existing systems were struggling to handle the increasing complexity of their operations and the growing demand for their services.

To address these challenges, they decided to harness the capabilities of ServiceMax, a leading field service management solution that seamlessly integrates with Salesforce.

Salesforce consulting partner

Smartbridge is a Salesforce consulting partner & managed services provider

The Smartbridge Solution

Collaboration between ServiceMax experts and Smartbridge consultants resulted in a comprehensive solution that tackled the challenge from multiple angles:

ServiceMax Process Customization:

Experts from ServiceMax worked closely with the customer to deeply understand their existing service processes. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, the ServiceMax platform was customized to align precisely with unique requirements. This tailored approach ensured that the new solution would enhance efficiency without disrupting existing workflows.

Integration Excellence:

The end-to-end work order management process involved several steps to be completed in Microsoft Dynamics AX (now called Dynamics 365 Finance) and ServiceMax. Smartbridge consultants played a pivotal role in bridging the gap between Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics AX. Using the Boomi integration platform, we designed, implemented, and fine-tuned integrations that facilitated the seamless exchange of data between the two systems. Scheduled processes ensured that updates from AX to Salesforce were regularly synchronized, while real-time platform events enabled swift updates from Salesforce to AX.

Collaborative Smartbridge Support:

While ServiceMax experts led the customization efforts, Smartbridge consultants played a crucial role in providing Salesforce expertise and support. Their role will extend beyond the initial implementation phase. After the ServiceMax platform is configured to the customer’s needs, the Smartbridge team will remain onboard to provide ongoing support and maintenance, leveraging their Salesforce administration expertise.

Solutions & Systems Smartbridge experts worked with to complete this project include:

ServiceMax with Salesforce
Dynamics AX 365 Finance with Salesforce
Boomi with Salesforce

Success Through a Modernized Implementation

The strategic collaboration between the customer, ServiceMax experts, and Smartbridge consultants yielded remarkable outcomes:

Tailored Efficiency:

The customization of the ServiceMax platform to field service processes led to enhanced service management efficiency. The solution aligned seamlessly with existing workflows, reducing the learning curve for employees.

Ongoing Support and Expertise:

Smartbridge’s continuous support ensured that the ServiceMax setup remained optimized and aligned with the company’s evolving needs. This freed the business users to focus on their core business activities, secure in the knowledge that their Salesforce and ServiceMax systems were in capable hands.

Integration Synergy:

The Boomi integrations established by Smartbridge ensured that data flowed harmoniously between Salesforce and Microsoft AX. This synergy reduced data discrepancies, eliminated manual data entry efforts, and enhanced decision-making accuracy.

Putting it All Together

The collaboration between ServiceMax, and Smartbridge consultants showcases the transformative power of teamwork and innovation. By tailoring the ServiceMax solution to the customer’s unique processes and leveraging Smartbridge’s Salesforce administration prowess, the company achieved improved operational efficiency, ongoing support, and seamless integrations.

This case study serves as a testament to the success that arises when industry expertise, cutting-edge solutions, and strategic partnerships converge to drive business growth.

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