Sales Overage Process Automation with JD Edwards and UiPath

Processes like reconciling sales overage in real estate can be very time-consuming. In this article, we detail a recent hackathon use case by walking through how we automated the sales overage process using JD Edwards Orchestrator and UiPath.

Real Estate Management

For our recent hackathon, we chose to work on a topic with one of our real estate clients as a use case for automation. In this proof of concept, we used a unique combination of JD Edwards Orchestrator and UiPath to come up with a complete automation solution. This solution helped our client to reduce their work load and get more efficient results which in turn led to huge cost saving.

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The Use Case

Our real estate client has some billing issues with their retail tenants. To resolve those billing issues, they run the sales overage process (a billing process where the tenant pays a portion of their sales to the landlord in exchange for a lower rent) every week for the past 12 months and send the final outcome to their tenants for billing/adjustments.

As a part of this process:

  • The client runs a Sales Overage Generation Report (R15120) in JD Edwards for the past 12 months

  • To run Sales Overage Report 12 times for each previous month, there is a special logic that provides data selection and processing option values for JD Edwards report

  • The Sales Overage Report in JD Edwards triggers another report: Billing Edit Register (R15300)

  • Each output for the Billing Edit Register Report (R15300) needs to be downloaded and emailed to each tenant

  • As a result of running these reports, a journal entry batch gets created in JD Edwards. Through the application (P15001) they collect all the batch numbers

  • For each batch, they run the JD Edwards report Batch Delete Program (R15806) to delete the batches from JD Edwards system

The Approach

Sales Overage Automation Process

The initial approach is to break the process flow into different tasks. Some tasks are being performed by UiPath and some are being performed by JD Edwards Orchestrator. An API call has been used to maintain the coordination between the UiPath and JD Edwards Orchestrator. The overall workflow is being maintained in UiPath.

Sales Overage Automation Tasks

Task 1

This task is initiated through UiPath. Complex logic has been developed in UiPath which calculates the processing option and data selection values for the Sales Overage Report for all previous months. For each calculated value, there is a loop to the API call to initiate the JD Edwards orchestration.

Task 2

We created the JD Edwards orchestration. In this orchestration, we put the batch request to invoke the JD Edwards Sales Overage Generation Report (R15120). The input value is the data selection and processing option which comes from UiPath.

Task 3

This task is initiated through UiPath. After the completion of Task 2 we put an intentional delay in UiPath to ensure all the reports are completed. Through UiPath, we log into JD Edwards and prompt submitted jobs to download all completed Billing Edit Register Reports(R15300) at a particular location.

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Task 4

Through UiPath, we open the JD Edwards Application (P15001) and look for all recently created batches. For each batch number, we make an API call to the JD Edwards orchestration.

Task 5

We created the JD Edward orchestration. In this orchestration, we put the batch request to invoke the JD Edward Batch Delete Program(R15806). The batch number is provided as an input value for data selection.

Automation For The Workforce

By completing this hackathon project, we were able to exhibit how JD Edwards Orchestrator in combination with UiPath can help businesses enable more effective and efficient employees by simplifying their jobs and reducing repetitive, tedious tasks. Allowing them to spend more time solving issues, innovating tasks, and adding more value to the company.

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