Smartbridge Takes a Restaurant’s Analytics Maturity to the Next Level

The Need for More Detailed Analytics

Our client, a popular institution in the food service industry, owns, operates and franchises two well-known restaurant brands. These organizations specialize in the operation of fast casual restaurants, each offering distinct and unique flavors with broad appeal at a compelling value. These restaurant chains practice fresh-made cooking, drive-thru service and catering.

EMPLOYEES: 10,000+
INDUSTRY: Food Service

Operational Dashboards for Data-Driven Decisions

In an initial stage, Smartbridge helped the client establish a foundation for automating the most relevant reports and KPIs for the company. After finance and operations teams fully adopted these reports, dashboards and self-service reports, the need for a stronger analytical presence arose.

These were our clients specific needs:

Smartbridge has extensive experience in restaurant technology innovation

1. Operational Dashboards 

While the dashboards previously developed were mainly used by executive and finance users, there was now a need for more detailed analytics tailored for the operations team. The new focus was to bring these dashboards to an operational level, enabling the district and regional managers to make data driven decisions aligned with the same KPIs the executive team had.

2. Self-Service Reports

The finance team needed assistance to convert some of the self-service reports they had previously created into dashboards with automated distribution to themselves and other teams. This also entailed integrating new sources of data.

3. Push for Consumer Feedback

Importance was placed on understanding the feelings of consumers toward the restaurants, and learn which areas could be improved on.

4. Understanding Purchasing Patterns 

Finally, different teams wanted to understand customer purchasing patterns to define marketing strategies, product combinations and promotions.

A Robust Analytical Solution

Smartbridge coordinated meetings with operations teams to identify the KPIs and reports needed by regional and district managers to make decisions related to key operational areas:

  • Sales

  • Labor

  • Costs

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Granularity for the reports

The finance team then provided a list of reports that needed to be automated, which Smartbridge’s Business Intelligence team assisted to define the requirements. These reports were converted into documents or dossiers depending on the needs.

Taking advantage of the scalability and data governance available through MicroStrategy, Smartbridge handled the development of documents and dossiers by reusing many of the developments previously done.

A guest sentiment analysis dossier based on customer satisfaction survey data was created. These insights allowed the client to pinpoint major opportunity areas from a region down to a store level. This dossier also provided visibility of what elements contributed to a good customer experience based on business units with higher satisfaction scores.

Using MicroStrategy’s Association Rules Analysis, Smartbridge then developed a Market Basket Analysis and affinity report to identify a variety of relationships between the menu items offered at the restaurants.

Success Through an Increase of BI User Adoption

Through a deeper level of BI user adoption, our client was better aligned on the overall company goals and strategies. The operations team is now more self-sufficient using the reports that were specifically developed for them, and have freed time for the fiance team that originally assisted with reporting needs.

Finance and marketing teams are now identifying what strategies can be implemented based on the insights gained from Guest Sentiment and Market Basket Analysis to improve sales and customer satisfaction.

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