Integration, Reconciliation, Reporting

Restaurants have a unique requirement of making sure all the deployed core systems and processes are working fine and integrated well with each other. A well integrated system is intended to transmit the necessary information starting from the Point of Sale (POS), Kitchen Displays (KDS), and Back Office System (BOS). Then they relay the information to the corporate systems dealing with payroll, purchasing & inventory accounting, vendor accounting, sales and payments reconciliation, and ultimately the financial reconciliation and reporting systems.

Strategic use of technology gives restaurateurs a competitive edge in operations and with customers.

2020 State of the Restaurant Industry Report (link)

All these systems working together form the backbone of restaurant operations that drive profits.


Our team has extensive experience working with multiple customers and deploying back office integrations, reconciliation and reporting solutions across the enterprise restaurant’s core processes.


  • POS / BOS Integrations for orders & employee clock-in/clock-out
  • Sales, payments, time & attendance data capture and reporting
  • Integrations with payment solution providers

  • Daily and periodic operational reporting


  • Time & attendance reconciliation across the enterprise
  • Inventory and people transfers/borrowing within the enterprise
  • Daily sales & payments reconciliation
  • Purchasing and inventory reconciliation

  • Corporate systems to in-store BOS integrations

  • Financial reports
  • Integrations with suppliers and vendors

Smartbridge’s Portfolio of Work Includes Experience with…

  • POS/BOS/KDS integrations testing

  • Manual and automated testing for in-store back office processes
  • Developing various data collection and integration applications

  • Mobile applications testing

  • Mobile orders integrations with in-store POS/BOS

  • Collecting employee clock-in/clock-out information from all restaurants and reconcile in the corporate ERP system

  • Collecting daily sales information from all restaurants and reconciling in the corporate ERP system for weekly and period posting

  • Collecting daily payments information from all restaurants and reconcile against the payment feeds from numerous banks and payment providers, then posting it to the corporate ERP system

  • Transmitting orders to suppliers and integrating with corporate ERP system for order creation and receiving, supplier invoice processing & inventory reconciliation