Generative AI Solution for Global Full-Service Restaurant Group


Our client is one of the largest full-service restaurant companies in the world, known for their portfolio of popular dining chains. They serve millions of customers annually across various brands in the United States and internationally.

EMPLOYEES: 190,000+
INDUSTRY: Restaurant/Food Service

Project Scope

The company had roughly 6 million customer review records with free-form text from diverse brands, locations, and meals. These reviews (which included data such as review scores, location details, waiter information, etc.) were stored in a tabular format. The sheer volume of data, paired with its format, made it difficult for the business to review and gather insights.

Therefore, our client wanted to use cutting-edge generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) technology to analyze and extract valuable insights from their free-from text responses in their guest surveys.

Smartbridge has extensive experience in generative AI

Key Challenges

  • The project progressed swiftly, and one challenge we encountered was aligning our pace with the client’s.

  • We faced a lot of surprises when it came to infrastructure and security protocols. It’s good to have those things, but it does hinder the development and implementation of new projects such as this. Nonetheless, we used an agile methodology to help us through these hurdles especially with approvals.

  • Enriching the data to adhere to the business requirements was another challenge we faced. We were able to overcome this by working closely internally as well as with the client. Loading enrichment data right off the bat is not easy and requires Natural Language Processing expertise.

  • Large Language Models don’t necessarily do math (even the best have poor accuracy rates), but the client wanted to be able to have quantitative insights with every answer. Therefore, we had to create a percentage calculation element to the solution.

  • The client had a large amount of data which is something the team had to adapt quickly to and handle.

The Smartbridge Solution

Smartbridge provided the client with an end-to-end Generative AI application on Azure that is user-friendly and gives comprehensive, verifiable answers. The solution is a functional application with a web front-end powered by a Python back-end.


  • Accepts user input and displays answers
  • Provide citations for the relevant responses for instantaneous user verification


  • Python backend
  • Integrated with the Generative AI
  • Capable of processing user queries related to the customer service and guest experiences
  • Capable of providing basic statistical calculations (e.g., count, maximum, percentage)
  • Optimized through iterative testing and feedback from subject matter experts

Data Enrichment

  • Extract sentiment, the key objects, and the main feedback

  • Categorized the feedback based on each individual review

Data Entry Automation
Data Entry Automation

Success Through a Modernized Implementation

The generative AI solution Smartbridge created will yield multiple benefits for our client. These benefits include:

  • Enables deeper customer insights, including sentiment analysis, issue identification, real-time analysis, custom reporting, and simple quantitative response.
  • Save time and resources previously spent on manual review processes.
  • Provides valuable guidance for improving menu offerings, service quality, and overall customer satisfaction.
  • Overcomes the deficiencies of typical Gen AI capabilities and leverages add-on solutions to better respond to the business questions.
  • Maintains rigorous data security and privacy standards to protect sensitive enterprise information.
  • Offers an intuitive user interface, enabling professionals of all levels to interact with and benefit from its insights.

Over 10+ million records can now be reviewed in less than 15 seconds with the ability to investigate any aspect.

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