RESOURCE ROUNDUP for Restaurant Short-Term Needs

Since you don’t have time to dilly-dally, here’s a quick list of valuable resources (and more lists!) that have been curated by some of the best industry sources in food service.

Restaurants around the globe need one thing from vendors like Smartbridge right now – support. There are very few capital expenditures that make good economical sense while the pandemic persists, and retaining customers will remain the biggest concern throughout 2020.

In case you haven’t come across them already, here are some of our favorite resources from journalists. Do you know of a great group or resource to share? Let us know and we’ll add it!

Hospitality Technology’s Tech Support

A list of free, discounted services and solutions for restaurants and hotels. Categories include:

  • Financial relief
  • Online ordering
  • Curbside, pick-up and to-go
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Delivery
  • Tech Support & eLearning
  • Labor
  • Food Safety

Hospitality Tech Support

Hospitality Technology’s Tech Support Library >

RTN’s COVID-19 Workgroup

Hospitality Tech is also the organizer of the Restaurant Technology Network, which is hosting workgroups on COVID-19 (The next one on April 2).

Join the Workgroups >

The Spoon – COVID-19 Strategy Summit for Food & Restaurants (April 6)

From their website –
The Spoon and partners from the Future Food Institute to create a day long summit to bring you expert voices to provide insights and strategies on how to navigate the new post-COVID-19 terrain.


  • Chef Mark Brand – Founder of Save-On Meats and creator of the Token Program to feed those in food insecure situations
  • Sara Roversi – Founder of the Future Food Institute
  • Dana Gunders – Executive Director of ReFED
  • Paul Freedman – Professor of History at Yale University and author of American Cuisine: And How It Got That Way
  • Ryan Palmer – Partner at Lathrop GPM and chair of firm’s Restaurant, Food, and Hospitality group
  • Michael Wolf – Publisher of The Spoon
  • Plus more to come!

Register for COVID-19 Strategy Summit >

The Spoon – Rundown of Restaurant Tech Deals

View the article >

The Spoon – Slack Channel

Have a specific question to put out there? Join their active Slack channel >

The Spoon COVID-19 Virtual Summit

Restaurant Business – Live Blog

Watch the live blog feed of the latest news from Restaurant Business >

Restaurant Business – Private Facebook Group

You might as well give up the idea of separating work time from personal time – at least for now. Next time you’re on Facebook checking the latest coronavirus memes, join this private group called “Coronavirus in the food & beverage industry” – for professionals only.

Join the private Facebook Group >

Restaurant Business

Smartbridge – COVID-19 Guidance and Insights

Smartbridge even has its own COVID-19 insights page. It may not be indusry-specific, but we are focusing on updates related to services you’re used to seeing from us – RPA, Salesforce, Data & Analytics and ERP. If our technology partners are offering free or discounted training or services, we’ll know – and we’ll share it here!

We also included our own visual dashboard, built on Power BI in about a day. This is near real-time data, while other dashboards are 24 hours behind.

Smartbridge’s COVID-19 Insights >

And as always, Smartbridge is here to assist as needed. We have a variety of tools that are ready to deploy and people that are ready to maintain your systems. We’re temporarily offering managed services at discounted rates, so tell us how we can help you keep the lights on.

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