Real-Time Decision-Making
Kitchen Intelligence

Take the guesswork out of cooking times and food preparation for restaurants and commercial kitchens.

The Smartbridge Kitchen Intelligence line of solutions brings you Grillmaster, a solution accelerator that brings modern intelligence and automation to back-of-house.

Grillmaster tells grill cooks and prep staff…

  • When to drop food on the grill, and how much

  • When to turn the food, or move it to the next step in the process

  • How many items are cooking, on hold, and wasted via alerts

  • Activity history to perfect the process and inform inventory management

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Grillmaster directly impacts significant business critical areas:


  • Build forecasts tailored to individual stores based on historic sales and real-time sales

  • Feed the sales data during the day from the POS system for finer adjustments


  • Improve speed of service and customer satisfaction

  • Reduce employee training time & the dependency on tribal knowledge

  • Kitchen workers can focus more on improving the dining experience, food preparation and assembly


  • Reduce wastage of food items

  • Better consistency in the quality of food items

  • Support back-of-house food safety and sustainability

  • Accountability on inventory and wastage

From an Android tablet or iPad, Grillmaster informs cook staff when to drop food and how much, based on forecasts tailored to individual stores. These forecasts predict the quantity of food necessary to cook based on a variety of factors, including time of day, holidays, weather, sales data and more.

Staff training is drastically reduced and cooking consistency vastly improved, as Grillmaster alerts when to turn proteins, when to put them on hold or waste food. Staff log food waste by amount and reason and managers receive a variety of activity reports.

According to the Hospitality Technology 2019 Restaurant Technology Study, IT budgets are expected to grow at modest rates, if at all. Restaurant operators are looking for ways to improve analytics and increase employee efficiency while still being held back by legacy systems. Grillmaster is an automation solution that doesn’t require significant reworking of business systems or demand on internal resources.

kitchintel main screen
The main dashboard displays critical timings and quantities
Kitchintel Activity Log
See how the day is progressing and view the upcoming forecast
Kitchintel Drop Recommendation
Time-based drop recommendations are provided and can be overridden as needed
Kitchintel Manual Override
Managers can add timed overrides to adjust the forecast for special conditions
Kitchintel Waste Reason
Keep track of how much is wasted and why

Grillmaster is the path to a smart kitchen while significantly cutting operating costs!

CASE STUDY: Large Quick-Service Restaurant Automates the Grilling Process with Grillmaster

The QSR has always used a paper-based grill PAR Counts Sheet for the grill operator to determine the number of chickens to put on the grill at specific time intervals. The manual process has led to multiple operational inefficiencies.

The Kitchen Intelligence suite of products are the path to a smart kitchen while significantly cutting operating costs!