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Are You Ready for Intelligent Information Management?

Smartbridge partners with M-Files to bring the next-generation intelligent information management platform to food service. Improve business performance with a solution that embeds naturally in your systems, helping people find and use information more effectively.

8 out of 10 People

8 in 10

employees report the need to access corporate documents on their mobile device.


What can ECM do for restaurants?

Smartbridge’s extensive experience with large restaurant groups gives us a great vantage point when delivering M-Files in the food service industry.

Examples of use include:

  • Track the forms and receipts related to supply chain orders and deliveries

  • Publish procedures and other documents for onboarding, training and inspections

ECM for IT

  • Support “full stack” implementation and integration with enterprise systems

  • Consolidate management of business content and records in one solution

  • Develop custom enhancements with scripting or API functionality

ECM for Business

  • Eliminate risk of people using outdated or unauthorized document versions

  • Automate form-driven processes to improve efficiency

  • Improve management visibility into data collection from operations

  • Establish or support standards for governance, compliance and audit management

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