Augmented Reality Prep Table

Reduce wait time and increase accuracy while building orders

Kitchen Intelligence Prep Table eliminates the need to learn the menu

Speed is not always the reality at QUICK service restaurants.

Guests expect on-demand experiences when they come to a QSR, and preparing an order is a common place for wait times to run out of control.


Reliance on Training Alone

The typical order display system may only provide a basic description, like “Cheeseburger”, which can hinder those with less training or memory of the ingredients in each menu item.

  • Cook has to rely on training or a chart to remember which ingredients should be used

  • Time and attention is taken away from the actual food prep

Straying From the Menu

Everyone has different tastes, which leads to menu items being modified to accommodate. When an order contains customized items, the process slows down even more.

  • Cook must constantly refer back to the order display to reconcile the base order with customizations

  • Cook has to keep track of what they have completed, which can lead to missing items in larger orders

The end result is an unhappy customer. If they didn’t leave out of frustration, then they had to wait too long. Their order may even be incorrect or missing a few items.

So how do we fix it?


By putting the information right where it’s needed the most.


Instead of a monitor, orders are illustrated with LED lights and text-to-speech technology.


The cook is directed to only the ingredients that are needed by lighting up the bins in order and through audio instructions.


The item, order number and prep timer are displayed with a place for each item so that nothing is left out.

Kitchen Intelligence Prep Table is a modular solution that can be customized to fit a variety of scenarios in your QSR.

Back-of-house staff don’t have to remember if a certain sandwich has onions or not, and any customizations are just part of the process.

With Kitchen Intelligence Prep Table, you could reduce or eliminate BOH staff menu training!

  • By not spending time looking up at a screen, staff can focus on building orders, speeding up the process.

  • Order accuracy is increased by providing employees with the information they need, right at their hands.

  • Training times are reduced and teaching new employees the menu is a breeze with the addition of visuals and audio to the prep table.

If you increase repeat visits by 5%, you have the potential of increasing profits from 25-125%

Harvard Study

The Kitchen Intelligence suite of products are the path to a smart kitchen while significantly cutting operating costs!