Automobile Recognition & In-Store VIP Experience

Transforming the customer drive-thru, curbside, and dine-in experience

Kitchen Intelligence ARIVE is a non-intrusive guest loyalty and ordering system driven by AI.

Quick-Service Restaurants agree that their No. 1 task in the drive thru is ensuring top-notch accuracy, customer experience, and to the best of their abilities, speed of service.

With good reason. A Harvard study indicated that if you increase repeat visits by 5%, you have the potential of increasing profits from 25-125%. On the flipside, a customer avoids a restaurant after a bad experience for more than 3 months.

ARIVE is aptly named based on its goal to transform QSR guest experiences: Automobile Recognition & In-Store VIP Experience

ARIVE is meant to combat:

  • SLOW SERVICE: 80% of customers place the same order, yet they have to explain it every time.

  • INACCURATE ORDERS: An incorrect order leaves a sour taste in the customer’s mouth.

  • POOR EXPERIENCE: Poor interactions with crew members creates lasting damage to the customer-brand relationship.


Greet Customers by Name EVERY TIME.

“Good morning Mrs. Smith, welcome back! Would you like your favorite order today?”


  • Reduce or eliminate order entry based on AI-driven order prediction
  • Reduce drive-thru lane congestion
  • Know exactly what curbside location your guest is in and when they’ve arrived


  • Reduce order entry and human error
  • Ensure order accuracy


  • Personalized greeting

  • High speed of service
  • Brand builds a non-intrusive loyalty – the guest isn’t required that additional step of validation

ARIVE will revolutionize and transform a brand’s customer engagement.

  • ARIVE is supported in both Cloud and On-Premise models

  • Optional parking lot cameras monitor visiting cars coming and going:

ARIVE restaurant drive thru monitoring

“Over the last five years, everybody has seen, as traffic has increased in the drive-thru, times have slowed down.”

Mike Grams, Chief Operating Officer at Taco Bell

The Kitchen Intelligence suite of products are the path to a smart kitchen while significantly cutting operating costs!