Transform IT Podcast Ep.13:
The Evolution of Metadata

In this episode, hosts Patrick and Miraj sit down with Aaron Howerton and Michael Dalrymple from M-Files to discuss digital innovation in the content management space.

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“Metadata Driven Content Management”

Enterprise Content Management has often been a painful mainstay in most enterprise level organizations. The “death by folders” approach of keeping track of production files, important documents, and even contracts has caused various delays and issues in many businesses. However, organizations are transforming their efforts by turning to a more intelligent approach.

Metadata driven content management is establishing a new norm in how organizations manage their seemingly endless content. Understanding what the data is, instead of where it is, has drastically improved the efficiency of fast paced businesses that thrive on technology. Organizations like M-files are diving even deeper into this space, using tools like artificial intelligence to further automate information management.

I see that many companies are at the cusp. Teetering at the point of efficiency and inefficiency, forcing them to adopt new technology. Five years ago these companies were saying this new technology was not a necessity, whereas now it has become a must.

Michael Dalrymple, M-Files Channel Account Manager

Listen as Aaron and Michael discuss digital innovation in content management.

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