M-Files – More than Enterprise Content Management

Your M-Files Partner for Intelligent Information Management

Intelligent Information Management that integrates with your enterprise systems.

M-Files connects to existing network folders and systems to make them more intelligent with built-in AI. Their solutions allow users to find and manage business-critical documents and information, from any device no matter where it’s stored.

M-Files strives to continuously support and grow their program to benefit channel partners like Smartbridge. Through product development innovation and various feature enhancements, M-files continues to be a leader in the intelligent content management space.

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Why We Partner With M-Files

Smartbridge became an M-Files partner in July 2018. We recognize their leading approach to helping enterprises manage their content in a metadata-driven and flexible way, allowing them to capitalize on the value trapped within disparate content repositories. M-Files’ evolving product vision consistently aims to support their customers and partners like Smartbridge.

M-Files was recognized in the 2021 Nucleus Research Value Matrix for Enterprise Content Services. 

  • Continued investment and innovation in R&D:

    M-Files has recently increased its R&D spend by around 20% annually, but has committed to more than doubling this increase for 2019 (42% increase year-over-year). This means faster delivery of new features, and higher quality releases overall. While the product will evolve faster, M-Files is making available several different upgrade cadences to allow customers to adopt new features on their schedule.

  • Deeper focus on AI and automation:

    By applying existing features with automation, M-Files is looking to increase the time-to-value for new customers. This will minimize (or potentially eliminate) the effort of tagging documents, maximize the information extracted from content in M-Files or other repositories (including images and videos), and use AI and machine learning to improve the platform’s ability to perform tasks better.

  • Intelligent Enterprise Content Management

    Through our partnership, Smartbridge has provided more innovative and efficient content management solutions to organizations that need them most. During the M-Files 2019 Global Partnership Conference in Dublin Ireland, Smartbridge received “Rookie of the Year” honors for securing the largest new M-Files license subscription in North America in 2018. During the conference keynote, our client’s CIO demonstrated an augmented reality solution we developed that retrieves M-Files-housed content through a HoloLens user interface.

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