The Total Economic Impact Of the Boomi AtomSphere Platform – A Closer Look

Recently, a study conducted by Forrester uncovered the economic impacts that the Boomi AtomSphere platform had on an organization. One of our consultants takes a closer look at the study and provides some highlights.

Boomi AtomSphere has come a long way over the past few years. In a world where organizations need to increase the value from their data, Boomi is continuously investing in AtomSphere to allow the extraction of this data.

A recent study (full study found here) by Forrester evaluated the Total Economic Impact Boomi AtomSphere has had on an organization they worked closely with for this case study. Over a 3-year risk-adjusted period, the organization saw a 410% ROI, growth of its Net Present Value to $10 M, and a payback on their investment within 6 months.

Image courtesy of Forrester and Boomi

Before understanding how Boomi AtomSphere can impact your organization, it’s important to answer the following questions as it relates to your own organization.

  • What approach did Forrester take to determine the Total Economic Impact?

  • What factors are important to consider?

  • What were the organizational challenges and benefits before and after Boomi AtomSphere was implemented?

  • What were the unquantifiable benefits of using Boomi AtomSphere?

  • What type of costs do organizations incur in order to use Boomi AtomSphere?

  • What new features has Boomi introduced that allow organizations to expand the value from their investments in AtomSphere?

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Answering these questions can help you determine if Boomi AtomSphere is the right fit for your organization.

Factors to Consider

The analysis also takes into account flexibility, impact risk, and implementation risk factors which can lead to varying results for an organization taking similar steps.

Flexibility – Realize additional benefits for future initiatives

  • Ability to bring on new applications that can integrate with Boomi

  • Create new offerings and revenue streams

  • Improved meaning and understanding of data which opens doors for innovation

Impact Risk – Factors that may lead to lower realized benefits

  • Pace at which legacy systems are sunsetted

  • Durations, complexity, and number of integration initiatives

  • Level of support or resistance from staff towards change

  • Size of full-time employees focused on data initiatives

Implementation Risk – Factors that may result in higher investment costs in the Boomi platform

  • Level of complexity for migration to Boomi

  • Durations, complexity, and number of integration initiatives

  • Current capabilities and skills of the development team for integration initiatives

Image courtesy of Forrester and Boomi

As part of the due diligence phase, it’s important to understand the following characteristics of an organization.

  • Industry

  • Number of Acquisitions

  • Revenue

  • Number of Employees

  • Existing Technical Landscape (e.g. environments, integrations systems, and tools)

  • Number of Full-Time Employees (e.g. integration developers, data architects, etc.)

Based on the interviews conducted, several challenges plagued the organization in the study before Boomi AtomSphere was implemented. They included:

  • Data silos which resulted in its underutilization and ambiguity

  • Security and compliance gaps/risks as data was exchanged with partners, vendors, and customers

  • Inability to properly support and integrate technical assets from new acquisitions

  • Strains on IT resources having to manage, capture, and sync data manually

  • High costs and complexity to maintain and integrate with legacy, on-premises platforms

Realized Benefits

If you find your organization struggling with most of these issues, Boomi AtomSphere might be a solution worth looking into. The same organization realized the following quantified benefits once Boomi AtomSphere was implemented.

Image courtesy of Forrester and Boomi

With a closer look, benefits were broken down into 3 categories: Cost Avoidance, Increased Productivity, and Revenue Generation.

Image courtesy of Forrester and Boomi

In addition to a $12.5 million benefit financially, the following unquantifiable benefits were also found:

  • Empowerment of citizen developers and time savings

  • Visibility to pinpoint areas of poor data quality

  • Peace of mind in regards to compliance and security

  • Application resilience and reduced downtime (HA and DR)

  • Reduction of problem leakages to production environments

Understanding Costs

While Boomi AtomSphere can be quite appealing, it’s also important to consider the costs of running on the platform itself.

Costs are also typically broken into 3 categories:

  1. Implementation and configuration services
  2. Initial platform implementation, internal training, and ongoing maintenance
  3. Subscription/licenses fees and support fees

As an example, the organization Forrester studied had the following breakdown of costs:

Image courtesy of Forrester and Boomi

Platform features that make the difference

The Boomi mission is to connect everyone to everything to enable an integrated experience. The company is continuing to invest in initiatives that truly exemplify a company striving to fulfill its promise.

What is an integrated experience?

Image courtesy of Boomi

You may be wondering, what exactly is an integrated experience?

Take an internal project of ours, for instance. Recently, Smartbridge used Boomi to automate the creation of projects in our business software, NetSuite, while leveraging a multi-step approval process developed with our enterprise content management system, M-Files. The Boomi AtomSphere provides Smartbridge an integrated experience that simplifies a key invoicing process for users across many practices.

That was just one example, but Boomi AtomSphere can provide a multitude of ways to create integrated experiences. Here are some of the released and upcoming key initiatives and investments for delivering these experiences:

Productivity & User Experience

  • AtomSphere Go – Available

  • Discover Catalog/Portal & Connect Now – Available

  • Examples & Accelerators – Available and enhancements to come

  • World Class User Experience (UX) – Guides, support, and resource center, etc. – Available

  • LightSpeed – Automated basic integration patterns – Upcoming

  • Atom Cloud Manager – Instant runtime provisioning for IaaS Providers – Planned

Enterprise Scale & Security

  • Atom Elasticity/Scalability/Scripting Security – RSA keys from 1024 to 2048 bits, TLS 1.3

  • Hybrid/Multicloud

  • Boomi Data Management – CDW & Analytics Integration (e.g. Snowflake)

  • CI/CD, DevOps and Governance – API integrations, RBAC for team collaboration

  • KMS Integration – Key management integration

  • Platform Wide SSO – Available (AtomSphere Go), Planned (Platform-Wide, CY22)

Automation & Intelligence

  • Integrated Data Catalog & Prep – Auto data classification/augmentation – Available

  • Platform Data Lake – Centralized data ingestion and future intelligence service support – Available

  • PII Insights – Visualization of PII usage within integrations – EAP

  • Self-Healing & Self-Tuning – Intelligent runtime optimization – Planned

  • Anomaly Detection – Operational detection during process executions – Planned

Overall, Boomi AtomSphere is a great platform for those looking to integrate their systems, automate processes, or just operate more efficiently. However, it’s important to understand the costs and considerations you must make for your individual organization to know if this is the right fit for you.

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