Medical Device Manufacturer Transitions from Salesforce Classic to Lightning

Salesforce Lightning is a quantum leap forward in functionality, usability, and productivity for end-users and admins. By switching focus from data entry to workflow productivity, Lightning user experience contributes to 25% more productivity compared to Classic. We highly recommend all of our customers to prioritize Lightning migration because of the increased productivity at no additional licensing cost. Besides, Classic user experience is not scheduled to receive any future updates from Salesforce.

INDUSTRY: Healthcare & Life Sciences
HEADQUARTERS: London, England

Client Requirements

A Houston based health care company went through organizational restructuring which led to the formation of a new business unit. The company is a long time Salesforce Classic user who wanted to use this opportunity to adopt Salesforce Lightning as the main UI. By having a part of the business using the new Lightning experience, the company would be able to slowly migrate other business units to Lightning as well.

In addition to the mentioned requirements, the client’s organization heavily used Salesforce Mobile. Because of this, close attention was needed as we worked on their new app to keep in mind how everything will look and feel in the Salesforce mobile app.

salesforce for medical devices

Smartbridge has extensive experience in the medical devices & life sciences industry

Smartbridge Approach


We examined the readiness of the current organization to see which parts needed our attention. Things that are not impacted by the transition are:

  • Data

  • General Process (Workflows, Process Builders, Validation Rules, etc)

  • Security (Role Hierarchy, OWDs, etc.)

To migrate Classic users to Lightning we needed to do a deep analysis of all user profiles that will be part of this change. We evaluated the current page layout structures and figured out the best approach to preserving a familiar look while introducing the users with new ways to look at their data. The company was able to see how Salesforce Lightning can empower them with new Lightning pages. We also evaluated the client’s current 3rd party AppExchange apps to see if they were supported in Classic or if new versions needed to be installed.


We built the re-imagined Lightning layout with a new app solely for the new business unit, a new home page with a relevant dashboard, and quick access to relevant list views right at the user’s fingertips. Lightning record pages were designed to take full advantage of Lightning web components and strategically place related objects right in front of the user for easy access to the desired information. Further utilizing Lightning features, we set up users to be able to send emails right from the CRM. This way the users stayed in one platform without having to switch between programs. All incoming and outgoing email interactions were being logged in Salesforce.


We identified a group of power users to start using Lightning and provide vital feedback. Weekly checkpoint meetings were conducted with the pilot user group to receive feedback and demonstrate enhancements. As we obtained feedback, changes were prioritized and modifications were completed in time before the next checkpoint meeting.


After all the prioritized enhancements were implemented, the users were trained with the new Lightning pages, components, and other features. We created and provided documentation/video tutorials that were passed onto the client’s administration team. Users were then instructed to switch to Lightning Experience at the end of the training. We were able to provide a Salesforce organization that was transformed with a new modern look. Modernization was not the only highlight. Being able to better access data with the new lightning pages was the exciting part.


With Lightning we created rich home pages to layout a dashboard that showed important metrics at first glance for the user to absorb. We added in list views of objects that are most often visited right on their homepage.

The client received a lot of positive feedback from the new business unit utilizing Lightning and its vast features. Now they are looking forward to migrating the remainder of their business units to Lightning.

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