KitchIntel Available Free to Restaurants for 2020

April 6th, 2020

KitchIntel from Smartbridge ( instructs kitchen staff when to cook food, hold, and waste it via a tablet screen by the cooking area. It uses historic sales and real-time sales data along with AI to better predict how much food to cook at any given moment. Already deployed across 130 stores belonging to a Florida-based QSR brand, the stores are seeing reduced food waste, better consistency and increased speed of service.

As Smartbridge has seen with all our restaurant customers, the coronavirus pandemic is causing every brand to rethink their technology priorities for the short-term. As they have had to pivot their meaning of what customer service looks like, so have we. Smartbridge is working with our clients to support initiatives that directly impact curbside, to-go and delivery options.

KitchIntel will be extended to new customers free of charge through December 31st, 2020. Any implementation assistance services will be charged at a special rate. Contact Smartbridge to inquire about the free KitchIntel software and a free implementation planning workshop.


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