IT Services & Innovation for the
Real Estate Industry

Digital Transformation for the Real Estate Industry

Smartbridge’s portfolio of work in the industry includes commercial real estate, property management, and manufacturers and service providers to the industry.

We work hard to provide technology innovation that is catered to your industry. Our various service lines and real estate geared solutions can help you run a fully integrated system that makes property management and modernization a breeze.

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Weingarten Realty Mobilizes Their Workforce with Access to Mission-Critical Data

Realty 360 for Property Management

Smartbridge created Realty360 to serve real estate teams when visiting tenants and properties. Integration to ERP or CRM systems provides instant information regarding vacancies, lease renewals and the core data to close deals faster.

RPA for Real Estate-Centric Services

A Real Estate services provider has embraced RPA to extract data out of loan documents, monitor and work with email, and enter data into a web application, reducing time of these tasks down by 80%.

Robotic Process Automation is a viable time and cost cutting solution for nearly any routine task.

Sales Overage Process Automation

CEO Corner: Outdated IT Systems Are Hurting Your Business

ERP and CRM Modernization

Legacy systems and outdated IT technology stifle the ability to transform and adopt modern digital roadmaps. Smartbridge is experienced in implementing, integrating and modernizing Salesforce, Workday and JD Edwards.

Cloud Analytics

The Agile Analytics Reference Architecture is Smartbridge’s  ideal strategy for a modern data warehouse, business intelligence and agile analytics. In real estate, the traditional BI architecture won’t cut it any longer – the modern business user demands more.

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