Houston Business Journal Names Smartbridge an Entrepreneurial Opportunity Finalist

Smartbridge was selected as one of four finalists by the Houston Business Journal to compete to receive a $10,000 prize for our cutting-edge idea in their Entrepreneurial Opportunity Contest.

HOUSTON, TEXAS – November 18, 2020

Houston Business Journal and BBVA hosted the Entrepreneurial Opportunity Contest to find the next inventive idea from a local small business. They specifically wanted to know how companies were innovating to create opportunities for their clients and the local market. Out of countless submissions, 4 finalists were chosen including Smartbridge!

Once selected to compete in the contest’s finalist round, our CEO and founder, Sri Raju, created a short video pitch and attended a question and answer session with a distinguished panel of judges. The winner was then announced at the Houston Business Journal’s virtual event, “Cultivating Growth: Strategies to advance your business” and awarded a prize of $10,000 to put toward their idea.

“Well, what was your innovative idea?” you might be asking. That would be our kitchen automation software technology for restaurants, Grillmaster. With our solution, restaurants can bring automation to the cooking process by directing the cook when and how much (say, chicken) to place on the grill, when to ‘hold’, and when to dispose of unsold protein to maintain food quality. The technology enables restaurants to deliver a better customer experience, stay compliant with food safety, keep food waste down to a minimum, and manage inventory more efficiently. Grillmaster runs on a tablet next to the grill and uses artificial intelligence to analyze historical sales, current sales trends, and other external factors to forecast food requirements accurately.

However, Grillmaster could be so much more and help a wide variety of restaurants with additional machine learning and AI development. Our future plans include investing further into KitchIntel to create a more advanced solution for the food service industry. As COVID-19 will remain a constant challenge for restaurants in the near future, Smartbridge brings a degree of security knowing that employees can quickly adapt to changing demands and optimize the kitchen efficiencies in a time when everything wasted matters.

“We look forward to seeing the winning business, LAMIK Beauty, flourish in the coming year. Houston is not only home to a culture of digital innovation, but also diverse innovation – from cosmetics to nanotechnology to education. Every company competing had incredible, original ideas which all deserve to win. This city truly has some of the most creative, forward-thinking minds that positively impact our community every day.” – Sri Raju
RapidAutomate for RPA ROI

As an entrepreneur, I get the opportunity to never take ‘NO’ for an answer, dream big, work hard, help others, create a comfortable livelihood for many families, and deliver extraordinary results for our clients. ”

— Sri Raju, Smartbridge CEO and Founder

There’s more to explore at Smartbridge.com!

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