Smartbridge Extends Offerings to Support Houston Small Businesses

Here at Smartbridge, we are recognized global leaders in helping businesses envision and adopt technological solutions to transform and expand. Smartbridge brings ideation to life to fuel innovation for our customers across our full suite of services, including Digital Innovation, Systems Modernization, Applications Integration, Data & Analytics, Robotic Process Automation, and Custom Application Development.

As a medium-sized company that caters primarily to enterprise and mid-market clients, small businesses might not seem that core to our mission. However, our team recognizes the importance of small businesses to our home of Houston, our state of Texas, and beyond.

Small businesses are the backbone of Houston. According to the Kauffman index, Houston is one of the friendliest cities to small businesses in America. More than 99% of all Houston businesses are considered small with a whopping 92.6 startups in Houston for every 1,000 businesses.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has hurt a lot of small businesses. As a result of the pandemic and ensuing lockdowns, the American economy is suffering and small businesses are too. We’re here to help them however we can. We are doing small things like shopping locally in Houston and ordering take out/curbside meals. We’re also providing tools to small businesses free of charge, like our COVID-19 guidance and support section and models so they can plan for the future with the best of Smartbridge’s technology.

One thing that you can do during this lockdown is to review your favorite small businesses online. Shoot your favorite businesses a review on their ratings or review platform of choice. Ours is Clutch, which reviews B2B service providers and allows you to connect with top businesses around the world.

smartbridge supports houston small business

Smartbridge is incredibly grateful to small businesses across Houston and would love to support your small business during these hard times. Contact us today and ask about our neighbor discount.

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