Extending Power BI Adoption and Maturity through Smartbridge Services and Solutions

As part of our Microsoft partnership, we’ve created a variety of Power BI-related listings for both the Microsoft AppSource and Microsoft Azure Marketplace to help you along your data journey.

At Smartbridge, we understand that everyone’s data needs and maturity are different. That’s why we’ve provided a variety of Power BI solutions and services through Microsoft’s AppSource and Azure Marketplace.


Microsoft AppSource is an online marketplace that offers a wide range of business applications and services that are built on Microsoft technologies. It allows users to discover, trial, and purchase applications and services that can help them improve their business processes, productivity, and customer engagement. Overall, Microsoft AppSource is a valuable resource for businesses of all sizes looking to take advantage of Microsoft technologies such as Power BI to enhance their operations. Here are Smartbridge’s AppSource listings for all your Power BI needs:

Power BI Health Check: 2-Hour Assessment

Power BI is often rapidly deployed in hybrid environments alongside other BI and analytics tools. Its data preparation and modeling capabilities are also shifting these activities in the data and analytics value chain closer to the business. While this enables quick deployment and business enablement, it can also lead to challenges and growing pains. We offer a free 2-hour health check call with a Power BI expert to provide high-level recommendations on how to handle these issues and move towards a target state architecture.

Data, Analytics, & Power BI: 4-Wk Assessment

Do you have data quality issues? Is your data secure? Do you have data silos with inconsistent information? If you answered yes to any of these, it’s time to assess your Power BI and data and analytics current state.

Smartbridge has worked across multiple industries to deliver assessments that have proven value to our customers. Our consultants have been there and done that! Receive a current and future state vision for your full data, analytics, and business intelligence needs, featuring Power BI.

power bi adoption and maturity

Modern Finance with Power BI

Generate modern Power BI reports using data migrated from enterprise systems such as ERP, CRM, and other data sources. This proof of concept showcases what a full implementation can provide. Generate insights from the data currently available in traditional databases such as SQL, partitioned SQL, and more. Start your journey towards leveraging modern architecture and interactive and insightful dashboards. We’ll complete this engagement by giving you the right steps to get where you want to be.

Financial Reporting Implementation

Generate modern Power BI reports using data migrated from enterprise systems such as ERP, CRM and other data sources. This implementation can enable data engineering efforts using two or more data sources, leverage modern architecture, and develop interactive and insightful dashboards.

For Energy: 6-Wk Implementation

Intuitive Power BI Dashboards designed for Energy – production optimization, ESG monitoring, predictive maintenance, customer experience – insights necessary to drive sustainable business growth.

For Restaurants & Food Service: 6-Wk Implementation

Intuitive Power BI Dashboards designed for restaurant-specific sales reporting, food, labor, and COGs – insights necessary to drive store decisions.

Azure Marketplace

The Microsoft Azure Marketplace is an online platform that provides a wide range of cloud-based software applications, services, and data sets for organizations that use the Azure cloud computing platform. The marketplace offers a convenient and centralized hub for users to access a diverse range of tools and resources that can help organizations succeed in their digital transformation journeys. Here’s what we offer on the marketplace:

Azure Cost Management Analytics: 4-Wk Implementation

To maximize the efficiency of your Azure cloud instance or your hybrid cloud architecture, Smartbridge offers a service that includes a solution accelerator built on Power BI. We call it the Multi-Cloud Cost Management Analytics Solution, and it consolidates and simplifies the analysis of cloud costs across the major cloud platforms.

power bi adoption and maturity

Modern Data Platform Implementation in 30 Days

If you struggle with disparate, outdated, or legacy data platforms and de-centralized systems, this new Azure architecture can drive major change in leveraging data strategically. Smartbridge will deploy a production-ready Azure Synapse environment with a data landing zone and enable analytics and reporting using Power BI.

Your new foundational cloud data analytics platform will provide you with the scalability to deliver actionable insights, and predictions, that drive innovation.

Enterprise Risk Management Store Health Prediction: 2-Wk POC

This consultative engagement and solution focuses on establishing a fully functional, limited Proof-of-Concept to develop predictive health indicators for mitigating business risk around store/location success. An insight-driven approach led by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can help address more complex questions, especially when it comes to risk management.

To mitigate business risk, Smartbridge has developed a solution to incorporate a combination of factors including revenue, customer churn, and brand reputation based on the current and future state of the company. Our solution will help you monitor and predict with Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Machine Learning and Power BI.

power bi adoption and maturity

We are always adding more services and solutions to both Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace, so check back periodically! Even if there isn’t something listed that you’re in need of help with, we are here to solve all your Power BI problems. Feel free to contact us and we’ll get you set up with an expert in no time.

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