Franchisee Store Acquisition and Technology Integration for QSR

The Client

A growing quick-service restaurant chain with multiple franchisee operations across multiple states. The company has over a hundred franchisees in different states and locations using different technology platforms.

Smartbridge has extensive experience in restaurant technologies

The Problem

The QSR client acquired several franchisees that use different BOS and POS systems in their stores. The management requires integrated financial and operational reporting across all units to effectively manage their operations. Hence, all of the data from these systems needed to be integrated with their existing corporate systems for timely sales, labor, inventory, and food cost reporting to all stakeholders.

Integrating data from multiple POS and BOS vendor systems is a difficult task due to the proprietary data structures of each of these systems.

The Solution

Smartbridge designed a common data format and standard interface to support acquisition related data integration with Aloha, Micros, PAR, and Xpient POS/BOS systems.

The team normalized the data, so key metrics such as drive-thru speed of service, menu item sales, and food cost meant the same thing across all restaurants. The common database we built enabled integrated reporting to management and common data feeds to other corporate systems providing the same consistent data throughout the enterprise.

The Result

The restaurant’s acquired franchise restaurants are fully integrated into the corporate systems, allowing visibility to the operations of all the restaurants. In addition the following results were achieved via our implemented solution:

  • Ability to extract and normalize data across different POS / BOS, providing the flexibility for future acquisitions of companies with different POS systems

  • Normalization of key metrics, data for sales, food cost, and labor such as drive thru speed of service. These metrics are defined, understood and calculated the same way for the entire company providing a consistent performance reporting process

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