Design, Automate and Integrate Salesforce for Landscaping & Construction Client

Our Client

Our client is a landscape contractor headquartered in the Houston, Texas area with over ten years of experience providing sustainable and quality landscape solutions. The company has received multiple industry accolades by successfully completing projects for Municipal Utility Districts, Site Contractors, Schools, Hospitals and Sports Complexes.

Because of the recent growth in the region, the demand for landscaping services has increased. Our client sought out Smartbridge’s help to improve operation efficiency to successfully cater to the City of Houston and surrounding areas.

INDUSTRY: Commercial & Residential Construction

Landing the Job

Through initial conversations with our client, it was determined that the existing business operations did not support the growing number of projects. Although our client was using Salesforce in a project management and sales tracking manner, collaboration throughout the opportunity and project lifecycle was ineffective. This was caused by numerous factors, including, the following:

  • Poor Salesforce UI/UX Design,
  • Low Salesforce User Adoptability,
  • Unintegrated Systems, and
  • Data Silos.
Salesforce Consulting Partner

Consulting Partner

Salesforce Managed Services Provider

Managed Services Provider

The reliance on external programs such as Excel spreadsheets, QuickBooks, file servers, and manual documentation compounded the challenge, hindering oversight for both the sales team and project managers.

Recognizing the transformative potential of Salesforce, our client sought to consolidate their operations within the platform, envisioning it as the definitive source of truth where deals are closed and projects executed seamlessly, adhering to timelines and budgets.

Data Entry Automation

Laying the Groundwork

The Smartbridge team walked through their solution, which was divided into three different areas: design, automation, and integration.


Redesign opportunity, project, and related objects to accurately reflect the business workflow from the moment the Sales Team identifies a lead to when the Project Manager and team finishes landscaping onsite.

This included reducing the amount of opportunity and project object stages and record types to one concise process, implementing graphs and dashboards that visualize opportunity and project progress, and creating new objects to store data from outside sources that were not present in Salesforce before.


The Smartbridge team set out with a clear objective: to streamline processes and enhance user experience through automation.

Central to this goal was the reduction of user effort, aiming to minimize the number of clicks and time required to accomplish tasks within the Salesforce environment. This multifaceted approach involved the creation of tailored flows, meticulously designed to guide users through complex processes seamlessly.

Moreover, the team undertook the migration of existing process builders to more dynamic and versatile flows, leveraging the full potential of Salesforce automation capabilities.

Furthermore, a key aspect of our strategy encompassed the implementation of robust approval processes, ensuring that every stakeholder remained informed and engaged throughout the workflow.


In tackling our client’s project, a critical focus was on the integration of their external systems and processes into Salesforce.

Prior to this integration, a multitude of tasks were conducted outside of the Salesforce ecosystem, leading to the proliferation of data silos, redundant manual data entries, and a fragmented collaborative environment. This scattered data landscape not only impeded efficiency but also compromised data integrity and collaborative efforts.

By streamlining these disparate processes and consolidating data within Salesforce, we aimed to not only alleviate the burden of manual data entry but also foster a more cohesive and collaborative work environment, where data flows seamlessly across the organization, enhancing productivity and decision-making capabilities.

Salesforce is set to Flourish – Accomplishments and Next Steps

Phase 1 culminated in a comprehensive redesign of the sales process, encompassing the refinement of both opportunity and related objects.

With a focus on user experience, processes were implemented to seamlessly guide users through every stage of opportunity creation and management.

Leveraging Flow automation, notifications, and chatter posts were strategically deployed to cultivate collaboration among the sales team, project managers, and stakeholders, facilitating fluid communication and information exchange.

To safeguard data integrity without impeding workflow, strategic checkpoints were instituted, ensuring a delicate balance between efficiency and accuracy.

Throughout this phase, the Smartbridge team maintained close collaboration with the sales team and executive management, fostering a synergy that ensured the delivery of a high-quality product. This collaborative approach included regular progress reviews, ongoing email communication, rigorous user testing, and comprehensive documentation.

As Phase 2 unfolds, our focus shifts towards optimizing the project management process, where our efforts are concentrated to meet the demands of this critical phase.

We have really enjoyed working with Smartbridge. Their team was thoughtful to carefully transform our existing Salesforce data input and evaluations into a smoother and easier process for our users. We have been able to improve our communication between sales staff and the operations team, and increase our bidding volume as a result. We couldn’t be happier with the Smartbridge team, their experience in Salesforce has brought value to our business and our customers.

– the client

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