RPA support and maintenance
RPA support and maintenance
  • Did you recently go through a new RPA Implementation?

  • Do you have a hard time supporting and keeping up with the maintenance of your RPA instances?

  • Did you recently lose an admin or just need an extra hand to keep up with a growing RPA practice?

  • Have you been holding off on high-value projects and job functions because your team is too busy administering your RPA solution?

With any system, there will be maintenance involved to keep it efficient and running properly. Smartbridge’s RPA specialists are here to help you with your team’s administration needs.

Our support and maintenance service can be tailored to meet your needs via managed services, ongoing admin support, or enhancement services.

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Our key support and maintenance services include:

Operations Support

  • Monitoring and reporting of bot execution

  • Scheduler maintenance  / level 1 support

  • Environment management

  • Monthly metrics / dashboard

User Provisioning & Management

  • Provision any new users

  • DE provision users

  • Role maintenance

Automation Training

  • Provide RPA basic training to users

  • Provide basic admin RPA training

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Services to Upgrade & Maintain RPA Infrastructure

  • Upgrade UiPath platform to the latest version

  • Monitor logs and perform cleanup

Development & General Bug Fixes

  • Simple code troubleshooting and fixes

  • Development of new bots

Alleviate the strain on your workforce.

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