Natural Language Processing
Integration with UiPath RPA

A Natural Language Processor (NLP) is a technology that allows computers to give meaning to user inputs, and can be an impactful integration in a variety of platforms. In this demonstration, we’ll detail the beginning stages of NLP integration using RPA.

NLP Integration Using RPA

In chat bots, voice assistants and automated emails, the integration of Natural Language Processing provides a humanistic touch to take the user experience to the next level. Implementing NLP into a process can be a challenging and time consuming task. However, through the use of UiPath Robotic Process Automation, this integration can be a worthwhile and stress alleviating endeavor.

NLP is used in many organizations. You might experience it in automated calls, where the machine says “how can I help you” and prompts you to respond accordingly. After you respond, the machine is smart enough to understand, and reply back with your answer. The possibilities abound with NLP and AI driven solutions, and when implemented using RPA, can serve as a significant staple to any digitally driven organization.

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In this video, Consultant Raul Pena demonstrates the beginning stages of NLP integration using RPA technology.

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