Your Playbook For a Successful Power Platform Adoption

Smartbridge has created an extensive research-based Microsoft Power Platform Adoption Playbook to guide you through your Power Platform journey.

Smartbridge has put together a guide to help you develop an innovation culture at scale.

A business productivity program like the Microsoft Power Platform can enable workforce efficiency through automation, low-code development, and self-service analytics. Whether you are looking to start using the Microsoft Power Platform as your business productivity solution or you’ve already deployed it in your organization, there are some necessary efforts to consider and implement for a successful adoption.

With the Smartbridge Power Platform Adoption Framework, you’ll learn the strategies and tactics across people, processes, and technology that will lead to increased efficiency and successful business outcomes. This playbook will cover these main topics to help you understand what a Power Platform adoption roadmap will look like:

Power Platform Adoption Playbook

Download our Power Platform Adoption Framework:

  • Power Platform Foundation and Governance

    Establish a multi-step approach to security, monitoring, administrative management, and application lifecycle management.

  • Best Practices and Guidance

    Implement the strategies necessary for your organization to succeed with the Microsoft Power Platform.

The Smartbridge Power Platform Adoption Framework is developed to meet users at their skill level. It is a summarized, yet exhaustive, template that will help you identify the major decision points and steps along your journey and provides guidance based on best practices and lessons learned. Our extensive, research-based framework is designed for the organic skill set growth of your people, maturity of your business processes, and modernization of your technology.

Don’t start your journey without a roadmap

Download the Power Platform Adoption Framework

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