UiPath Process Mining Tools 21.4 Release

In the 21.4 Release, UiPath launched new Process Mining tools to help find automation opportunities. One of our RPA experts highlights the new features and better experience within the Automation Hub.

UiPath’s constant release of new features is pushing the boundaries of RPA day in and day out. The new Process Mining tools in their 21.4 Release are a reflection of this. Although this release contains new features and improvements, I will focus on the new Process Mining features that were released within this blog.

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Finding Automation Opportunities

UiPath added this new dashboard to AppOne to assist organizations in finding new automation opportunities. Different metrics such as automation rate, manual processing time, manual events, and total events help create a clear priority list of activities or processes that can be best automated.

uipath process mining tools

Performing Root Cause Analysis

In addition to the other conformance metrics, UiPath introduced Root Cause Analysis to the mix. This tool compares the occurrence of selected cases with the set reference cases, as they call it, to analyze different metrics.

uipath process mining tools

Sending Automation Ideas to UiPath Automation Hub

The ability to submit automation ideas to Automation Hub was previously limited only to Automation Hub application hub itself. Now, users can submit automation ideas directly from the Process Graph with a ‘Send to Automation Hub’ button. This feature makes submitting ideas more seamless for end-users.

uipath process mining tools

Single Sign-On Authentication

We all know what SSO is, so I won’t be breaking it down for novice users, but UiPath is now making SSO possible for super-admin users and end-users to log in to UiPath Process Mining. With a few configurations to Azure AD, access rights can then be assigned and modified at the drop of a hat.

uipath process mining tools

Creating an App from a Base App

Essentially, this new feature allows organizations to create a template from an established app on the fly to reduce the amount of time spent on creating a replica app with minor tweaks.

Process Graph

Custom Labels for Process Graph Legend

UiPath added the ability to edit the labels on the Process Graph legend, improving on the customization factor of documenting processes.

uipath process mining tools

Detail Slider in Process Graph

UiPath combined the activity and edges sliders into one slider called the Detail Slider to reduce the complexity of Process Graph. This makes Process Graph creation much easier and increases the readability of graphs created by users.

uipath process mining tools

All in all, the new features added by UiPath for Process Mining are needed, and a clear indication of UiPath’s desire to keep making each one of their products the best they can be.

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