UiPath 21.4 Release Highlights

In this 21.4 release, there are over 100 advances to the core platform that enable businesses to become completely automated enterprises. From end-to-end governance to automated process discovery to automation cloud expansion, one of our RPA experts breaks down the UiPath 21.4 release.

With their most recent release, 21.4, UiPath is focusing on three big areas: enterprise-scale management and governance, AI-powered automation discovery, and upgrades to all user experiences. This release delivers new, exciting capabilities and products to help organizations automate more.

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Enterprise-Scale Management & Governance

UiPath’s solution to the issue of “enterprise-scale management and governance” is Automation Ops. Automation Ops is a cloud, web-based solution that enables users and organizations to quickly set up, manage automation policies, and package sources. This new addition to the UiPath family was built in parallel with Studio and Assistant to offer seamless oversight and control. Although Automation Ops is deployed at the organization level, it can be tailored to individual needs or support users with different skills or levels of access.

uipath 21.4
Image courtesy of UiPath

AI-Powered Task Mining

AI-Powered UiPath Task Mining alleviates the traditional, manual approach of process discovery. Process discovery has the potential to not be as exact, too expensive, and extremely time-consuming. Task Mining is UiPath’s newest process discovery tool that uses AI to reveal patterns and variations in how day-to-day tasks are performed. Along with centralized control from the admin portal, related Task Mining steps can be securely captured, analyzed, and easily displayed within a cohesive layout – all without disturbing or interrupting the subject matter expert’s work.

uipath 21.4
Image courtesy of UiPath

Improved User Experience

With the addition of new features, UiPath 21.4 rolled out a refreshing, new layout of familiar tools that can be used by all users – from citizen and professional developers to those who support or indirectly engage with automations. The more seamless and integrated look and feel of the 21.4 release encourages a more engaging user experience and faster adoption by users.

Key Improvement Areas

UiPath Assistant

  • Easy to access apps

  • Widget integrations

  • Process keyboard shortcuts, folder organization, and quick access pinning of processes

Citizen Developers

  • Native Google ecosystem activities

  • Expansion of Microsoft Excel tools to better integrate with Microsoft’s SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams

RPA Developers

  • Testing

  • Core Automation

  • Automating document centric processes

  • AI automations

  • Apps improvement

IT Professionals

  • UiPath Customer Portal: a new self-service solution that gives organizations access to related information that can support them throughout the automation journey

The UiPath 21.4 release is its biggest release to date and delivers on a lot of the company’s promises to users and organizations. At Smartbridge, we’re very excited about the new capabilities and features that are being offered in this release and cannot wait to get more familiar with them.

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