Transform IT Podcast Ep.3:
The IT Value Model 

“The IT Value Model”

How can your company CFO look at IT differently? It is the heart of every global business to find intrinsic value in people, processes and things when it comes to technology. How does IT prove its worth?

Every company strives to optimize costs. IT departments strive for value, but defining those metrics is complicated. By positioning IT as something other than overhead and a cost center, we move closer to bringing it to realistic ROI [Return on Investment] metrics that convey value. In today’s episode, hosts Miraj & Patrick introduce returning guests that share that vision. Smartbridge VP of Enterprise Systems, Victor Lang, interviews Anthony Lackey, Senior VP of IT – North America, at ISS Facility Services.

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Creating organizational cost sharing prevents battling with other business units over cost allocation. A more progressive change in thinking is when Lackey models the IT Department as its own business, charging for projects and resources as they are deployed.  We hear an example from him regarding the strategy he envisioned when it came to the onboarding of new employees:

IT has its own provisioning process. Managers get to decide exactly what software tools an employee needs to do a job, eliminating waste that goes with incurring software licenses that go unused. The benefits to the user are personal empowerment and cost transparency. If a Manager knows what it will cost for an employee to do a job, there is frontline decision making happening. It forces competitiveness and efficiencies.

Senior IT VP, Anthony Lackey

Listen as Lackey discusses how he changed IT from a “department” to a lean, transparent business partner.

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