Transform IT Podcast Ep.20
Salesforce Call-to-Arms for Nonprofits Amidst the COVID-19 Crisis

In today’s special episode, hosts Zach Reynolds and Brooke Browne are joined remotely by Data Infrastructure Director, Tyler Colby, to discuss his call to action of helping nonprofits during the Coronavirus with their Salesforce and other tech needs. 

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“The Salesforce Community – A Silver Lining in Business Amidst COVID-19”

Salesforce Nonprofit

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has impacted multiple businesses in various industries. Small businesses are rapidly loosing revenue, workers are strapped for hours, and multiple projects continue to be put on hold. Among more vulnerable industries like shipping and oil & gas, nonprofit organizations such as food banks, charitable organizations and social advocacy groups, especially have significant challenges to face, and the worst is perhaps yet to come.

However, technology professionals have the means to provide a glimpse of hope during the economic downturn caused by the global Coronavirus, especially within the Salesforce community. Tyler Colby, Data Infrastructure Director at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), has initiated a call to arms in the Salesforce community (and the IT community in general), to provide whatever means of expertise they have to assist nonprofit organizations affected by COVID-19.

Tyler has had extensive experience in assisting nonprofits during community crises. His call to action, or more accurately – The COVID-19 Sprint, has already generated sizable buzz from Salesforce and IT professionals wanting to get involved. Transform IT was the first to capture his passionate message through a remote podcast, which we’re eager to share with our listeners here.

“Right now what we need is positive action from this community. Our efforts have transformed communities before and we can do it again. Salesforce professionals consists of the greatest minds project management, community organization, system implementation and so much more… we need an immediate increase on the velocity of this change.”

Tyler Colby, NRDC Data Infrastructure Director 

Listen as Tyler discusses the Salesforce COVID-19 sprint, and the need nonprofits have in the chaotic midst of the global Coronavirus.

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