Transform IT Podcast Ep.17:
How is Your Data Protected?

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In this episode, Patrick and guest host Zach Reynolds chat remotely with United BioSource Finance Manager, Lawrence Evans on how innovative technology protects their data.

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“JD Edwards for Data Protection”

The majority of businesses today are data driven in some form or fashion. Organizations in various industries rely on their unique data to drive processes, innovate, and of course house valuable information.

JD Edwards for data protection

This holds true for every department in a given business, be it finance, sales or service. For businesses in more dynamic industries like health care, data may even house health sensitive information, crucial for clinical trials and other special needs. Thanks to new compliance regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), data is now protected more than ever.

However, as regulations and new protection tools develop, avenues of intrusion also evolve. Businesses must adapt new technology, and take strategic steps to ensure their data is secure across multiple departments. For companies like United BioSource (UBC), implementing JD Edwards for data protection was a key to that security.

Our data is critical to us, it’s how we drive our business. Manipulating and understanding this data helps us provide the best service to our patients.

Lawrence Evans, UBC Finance Manager

Listen as Lawrence discusses how JD Edwards helped UBC protect their endless avenues of secured data.

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